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"The JoeCon Brochures are out!" Those 5 words are just as potent to a Joe fan as "Gentlemen, start your engines!" is to a race car driver, because to us it means JoeCon is drawing closer and registration time is near. Print off your forms and follow along with Gary and Justin, who between them share their nearly 20 years of JoeCon experience. Our dynamic duo will attempt to help you understand the brochure and read between the lines on this annually anticipated document. From the con sets, to the package choices, to the guests, to the pre-con tours, they'll break it down for you in tinier, much easier to swallow morsels. Now all you need to do is print out the brochure and follow along! We've been on the road to New Orleans for a couple of weeks now, but the city lights are now visible in the distance. We're your Golden Ticket to a successful JoeCon. It all starts here...!

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