WOJM JoeCon Coverage and Large News Wrap-up

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In this episode we invite George and Travis from the Moderately Geeky podcast to join us for an important podcast announcement for JoeCon. 3/4ths of the MG hosts will be joining Mike, Justin and Gary in New Orleans to cooperatively cover the show from Thursday to Sunday. Aside from George we will be joined by MG co-host Jason and MG lead host Jay Hunger. Now you have heard George before, but maybe you are unaware of the capacity you have heard him here. However, his wife Karen was among the female guests we had in Special Edition #8. Jason's wife was also part of this show and quite possibly had some of the best on-liners in our show's history. Of course, you all should know Jay as the admin of CardedHeroes.com and and one of our substitute staffers that you hear from time to time. George, Jason and Jay are long time friends of ours going WAY back to '04, so getting to work with them to bring you con coverage is a real treat. We hope you enjoy what we can bring you while in NOLA. With that announcement out the way, we moved on to the mailbag where we answer some JoeCon questions concerning payment methods for registration/package pick up night and what is the difference between early and late registration. After a very early intermission, its into the news to talk about Justin's scoop with Jon M. Chu concerning the Retaliation delay. From the club we report on what is/or is NOT available for JoeCon sets and figures. The latest on the "Dollar General," Robert Atkins and The Rock round out the news. After, we choose to have a little fun and honor former Family Feud host, Richard Dawson, so we played The Family Feud: Stump Chuck edition. You got to listen to the hilarity ensue AND Chuck finally melts down and spouts off with some really bad put downs. However, Chuck makes no secret of his love of spunk. Its a quick episode, and much like Chuck is with the ladies, this one is over in a blink of an eye. Hope you don't mind.

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