Dad just brought me all my old GI Joes from storage. I have anything good? - Page 2

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    ummmm...yeah, I'll buy that Commander from you
    Looking for Arctic Commando Snow Serpent, Starduster version A, and 82/83 trooper rifles.

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    Here's all the weapons and backups etc I have. I'll try to match things up later in the week when I have time.

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    Looks like your Night Force Lt Falcon is 100%, Both Rumblers, Night Viper, W.O.R.M.S. helmet with the antenna (I don't see the figure), N.F. Tunnel Rat, Secto Viper... and probably more. But those are some of the bigger money makers. Think $40 plus each on evilbay (ebay).

    The chest emblem on your "Mickey Mouse" Cobra Commander looks very minty and there is no discoloration to the blue plastic. The head is easily replaced, but the true value is his chest. You could probably get $75+ on evilbay. I've seen them go for that much in worse condition.

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    You've got some great items. In addition to what the others have covered, a complete '85 Snake Eyes is a very nice thing. Plus you have a good amount of Cobra army builders which are sure to move.

    Word of warning: be careful while you match up the weapons for Tiger Force Recondo. His thumbs are notoriously fragile, and even trying to get him to hold his gun can result in breakage. Which gives your unbroken specimen some value.

    And needless to say, take care not to lose any of those small parts!

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    free advice - sell in small lots so everything is sold. Match up undesirables with less desired in lots.
    Shawn Carden

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    You don't have to match anything. I will buy a bunch without the weapons. Send me an email at [email protected]. I will also trade toys for toys if you want. My store is Sequential Heaven Toys - Shopping/Retail | Facebook

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    Nice childhood collection you have there. I say keep it. I sure wish I had my actual childhood collection to organize.

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    I'd love to take a Rumbler and Secto-Viper off you, depending on condition.
    Currently Looking For:
    An unbroken/mint; '83 HQ "base" (the big main part), 1 MG and 2 cameras; Brazil Gatilho.

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    I'm going to go through everything this weekend. For those sending me PMs I will get back to you as soon as I can once I've gone through them all.

    Thanks everyone for the info!

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    Decided to sell most of them on ebay. You can see the ones I have put up so far over in this thread which has a link to my ebay auctions. Ones that don't end up selling I'm just going to hand down to my son.


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