2004' ninja cobra strike team


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    2004' ninja cobra strike team

    I was just wondering if this had a greater value because it had 2 of the BLACK ninja figures instead of the 2 RED ninja figures its supposed to have in it ?


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    no thoughts or comments ???

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    It only sold for $32 so it really didn't go for significantly more than it normally would have anyway. I am always pessimistic about packages that don't have the correct figures in it. However this one seems very possible given that the extra figure was one that was still supposed to be in that pack and it was swapped with a figure of the same sculpt. This was probably an error at the factory but not something that really increased the value much if at all.

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    Thanks for your input. I won the auction & there was only 1 other bidder with a feedback of around 50 or so (?) but I was just curious if anybody thought it would be worth more because of the error ? I have the correct 6 pack & thought it would be kinda neat to have the incorrect displayed beside it . The black ninja is one of my favorite mold variants of this figure & I've seen them sell for $10, or I've paid that before ? I think I have 5 of them. it was kind of a spontaneous buy , but I think a complete figure (accessories & FC) are worth $5 so I don't think it was a bad buy? Thanks for your comment- any others ?

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    It's a bada$$ set of figs, D-dog. The two Vypras have superior detail; so does the woodland camo Storm Shadow. Loose, it seems like any of those figures should fetch a few extra bucks than most. I wouldn't regret that buy whatsoever. I don't think much of the variants affecting much value anymore but who cares, it's a good set.

    I was pretty happy with all the Valor vs. Venom six-packs. The Firefly v(13) included in the siegie pack is my favorite Firefly: FIREFLY (v13), YOJOE.COM | YoJoe.com: Dedicated to the G.I.Joe of the 80's, 90's and beyond!. When I start collecting again, I need to nab a set of the night watch Cobra troopers.

    Now you just need a good playset... http://s3images.coroflot.com/user_fi...a8vyVzlT8y.jpg

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    thanks ship mate those 6-packs (all of them) are some of the coolest things Hasbro has ever done with figures since 1983' ( IMHO!) I was really surprised I got it so cheap I thought there would at least be more then 1 other bidder, but thank God there wasn't !! what have you been up to sea dawg ?? drop me a PM & let know what you been up to !?

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    Whoops, maybe I meant I need a sixer of those Crimson Shadow Guard? The Cobra Night Watch ended up being 25th style... gahhh. TTYS bud

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    Quote Originally Posted by cageyJG View Post
    Whoops, maybe I meant I need a sixer of those Crimson Shadow Guard? The Cobra Night Watch ended up being 25th style... gahhh. TTYS bud
    they made them both with rivets & rubbers , not sure about the 25th stuff?

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    ohio- right next to the air force museum- which totally rules.
    that black stormshadow repaint was my favorite too (i thought it looked better than the original SS). i had a very destructive dog at the time i bought that 6 pack, and he used it as a chew toy (and made my back yard look like a WW1 battlefield), so i had to buy a new one loose (which cost me about 10 bucks). so yeah you got a good deal (considering if it is a repack, they repacked the best figure).
    i also agree that those 6 packs were some of the coolest joes put out. i don't have all of them like you do, but my personal favorites were (in no particular order) the ninja strike team, anti venom task force, night watch, cobra soldiers, cobra vipers, and the crimson guards. unfortunately i never bought the tiger force or the python patrol packs, and only have a couple of the black crimson guardsmen.
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