Italian Mini Comics

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    Italian Mini Comics

    I picked up a bunch of these Italian mini comics recently. I know nothing about them... not even the date when they were published or what types of magazines they were inserted into.

    I also have no idea how many were made. If anybody knows some that I am missing (aside from Il Prigioniero Part 1), please let me know.

    Some of the comics are just 2 pages, others are 3 and some are 4 pages.

    Many of them are in 2 parts. I am just going to list them here in alphabetical order, since I don't speak Italian and have no idea if these are sort of free-standing comics or if the whole collection of them are in a series and there is an order to them. I just think they are cool looking and unique.

    Agguato Mortale:


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    Grand Manovre Part 1:

    Grand Manovre Part 2:


    I Prepartivi Part 1:

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    I Prepartivi Part 2:

    I Rinforzi Part 1:

    I Rinforzi Part 2:

    Il Duello Part 1:

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    Il Duello Part 2:

    Il Prigioniero Part 2:

    L'Attacco Part 1:

    L'Attacco Part 2:

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    L'Offensiva Part 1:

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    L'Offensiva Part 2:


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    Here is an Italian Toy ad that is the same size/style as the mini comics.

    If anybody knows anything about these mini comics, please let me know. If you have any I am missing, I'd love to pick up the rest for the collection.

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    Calling Neapolitan Joe!
    This stuf is really cool silverc, very similar looking to netherland leaflets.

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    THose are nice. I like how they had the Eel rescue the tele-viper when the boat sank in that last comic.


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