Tactical Battle Platform


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    Tactical Battle Platform

    I have a Transportable Tactical Battle Platform (1985) I am looking to sell or put up for auction soon. I have most if not all of the pieces, is there a good source to determine its value? I will have to have another look, but best I can tell none of the parts are broken.

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    Search for completed auctions on ebay and look specifically at the ones that are in similar condition to yours. That is your best measuring stick for value. Keep in mind that if you sell it off ebay, you will need to lower the price for 2 reasons. Ebay prices are always higher than the rest of the market. Ebay gets more eyes looking at it than the GIJoe forums. The other reason is that you will have to pay a bunch of fees for selling on ebay. You save all those fees by not selling there so your items should in turn be cheaper.


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