AFA or factory sealed mail in?

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    AFA or factory sealed mail in?

    I'm new to the forum and my first post. I'm fairly new to being obsessed with the collecting, but love reliveing my favorite childhood action figures. Question for all you pros out there. Is it better/worth more to keep my factory sealed 82-84 mail ins, or get them AFA graded? Any info would be greatly appreciated!

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    That is entirely up to you. AFA grading can ensure a figure will remain in the exact same shape and have a grade that will garner a better value if you ever intend to sell the figures.

    For myself, I do not own any vintage carded Joes (besides what is kept in my dealer inventory for local toy shows) but if I ever got the 1 or 2 vintage figures I desire MOC, I will put them in a nice case I can open to view and hold if I ever want to. I have one of my vintage Star Wars figures in an acrylic case that has a panel that slides open to access the figure. That is perfect for me as I never intend to sell it.

    I hope this gives you a couple of ideas of what you want to do. It's your collection, the choice of how to protect/display/value it is up to you.
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    If you bought them for a good price and need some mint loose complete figures then you may want to open them.

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