Attn Stinger and VampMkII owners!! i need your help

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    Attn Stinger and VampMkII owners!! i need your help

    hi all,
    i am on a crusade, and i need everyone's help. to be simple, i am trying to trace back which variant gray steering wheels went to which jeep. below you will see four pictures of the four different wheels i've so far identified.
    wheels one and two go to non pegged dashboards, but which goes to the VMkII, which to the Stinger? the 3rd pic i'm fairly sure is common to all pegged dash vamps and stingers due to the enlarged hole in the column, though feel free to argue that if you know different. the fourth pic is an oddity, i think the eBay seller i got the pic from had it on a stinger, but that's not proof in of itself. only diff is the alignment peg is shaped different, MAY have the peg ready hole in back, not sure.
    SO guys (and gals), tell me what's on your jeeps. pegged? non pegged? which wheel? Anybody SURE yours is right? i need good chain of evidence. WHAT I'D LOVE, is to see input from someone with all the parts still MISbaggie from a boxed example, particularly the non pegged jeeps. if you have another wheel not shown here, ADD IT, by all means. There will be a sister post to this on HISStank, Thanks all...

    **i am having a heck of of time uploading the pics here. since i know you're all on HISS too just follow this link please**

    >>link deleted<< link of the same name can be found at the on HISS
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