Well I would argue that you're mistaken FireFox. Standard retail markup is 2x. So 2x $7 will get you the $14.99 they are currently charging. Plus the last 3 collections they put up sold out pretty darn quick. People are willing to pay more from a reputable dealer cause you can trust them more than some random guy on eBay(no offense Average Joe ). Besides, what's the harm? Just email them and start negotiations. I'm willing to bet that if you included some of the more saught after, but not the highest priced(guys getting less than, say $25), you would average $5-7. Right now they have some up that are ranging from $11.99 for Snow Job to $18.99 for Lady Jaye. So even if they paid 1/3(instead of my suggested 1/2) that's an average of $5 each. If they pay what I'm suggesting its $7.75. So if you think their offer is too low, don't take it. Its a good starting point and a nice backup plan if auctions don't work. And that's only one retailer. I'd hit up all the YoJoe Sponsors. You wouldn't even have to change the text in the email. Just BCC all of them so they don't know you're shopping around.