6/24 Update - New figures, Vehicles, NEW Unproduced Vehicle


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    Battle Hornet, Neutralizer, Night Force Grizzly, Thunderwing Jet

    New Unproduced Jet in the Preprodution and Unproduced Section

    Updates to Vehicles, International, 12 Inch, and Comics


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    Everything looks nice. The new figures from the new vehicles also look nice, but their filecards kinda suck. Slipstream and Backblast both look like cousins of Duke except with added wigs on. Other than that, their filecards aren't too bad. Neo-Viper has the exact same filecard as the VvV Vipers(can't hasbro make up their mind as to who are the "new" Vipers). Wild Bill's filecard doesn't have a single problem.
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    My favorite pick out of the bunch would be the Battle Hornet. Looks weird, but wicked. Even thought it's bright, I like that Neo-Viper. Too bad he doesn't have the rifle that came with the single pack blue Neo-Viper. A squad of those would go great with the Cobra-La scheme.
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    Sweet! Now Paul can update his checklist even more!

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    is the Neutralizer worth buying?

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    I think that new Slipstream is one of the best new figures they've done in the last couple of years, reallly good sculpt.

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    Wow, that jet would have been SWEET!

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    all the new stuff looks cool.
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    I always like seeing the pre-production stuff

    How about the stuff from the Needs list: http://www.yojoe.com/archive/preprod/needs.shtml

    Chef? Wonder if it would been that Roadblock spoof on that Frontline cover or a Kitchen Viper

    I would be interested in seeing what they had in mind for Deep-Six (Battle Corps Rangers) Maybe they would have finally made a decent sculpt for the guy
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    Gi Joe is definetely looking up!


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