Is G.I. Joe: Extreme being reintroduced / integrated into the regular Joe story line?

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    Okay, first off I got to admit that I’ve haven’t been keeping up with the DD Joe series and have fallen hopelessly behind. I hope to be back up to speed in the next 6 months or so.

    So hears my question for all you in the know. Page Adams(sp?) the female green shirt introduced in Reinstated is now going under the name Mayday – do y’all think she is/will be the same Mayday who was the female lead in G.I. Joe: Extreme? And, is it true that character named Matt Hurley was introduced a few store cycles ago and the DD creative staff dropped hints the he is the same Matt Hurley that will become Metalhead the G.I. Joe: Extreme computer expert?

    Any ways, where I’m going with this - is it possible that DD is slowly introduce characters from G.I. Joe: Extreme so by 2009 (if you recall that’s when G.I. Joe: Extreme was set) these character will be in place to fill out the ranks of G.I. Joe as the older characters are promoted, retired, or killed off?

    Personally I always thought the characters and SOME of the concepts from G.I. Joe: Extreme (and Sgt. Savage & Super Joe) had potential, but was just executed very poorly. I think if these characters where dusted off and approached in a different more realistic way and brought in into the mainstream Joe story line they could work.


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    I think DD might lean that way but i dont think a lot of charachters will be killed off. That would be bad for the comic and fans IMO

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    Let's hope not. G.I. Joe Extreme, extremely sucked. Super Joe should remain the name of a comedian and not a Joe character.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreadnok4life
    Let's hope not. G.I. Joe Extreme, extremely sucked. Super Joe should remain the name of a comedian and not a Joe character.
    Uhhh… I said I think a re-imagined / rebooted versions of those characters brought into the main Joe continuity COULD work. I’m not advocating dusting off those failed Joe toy lines as they were and shoehorning them into the current Joe comic.

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    The DD team basically has almost total creative control over the comic. jerwa himself stated that when he saw something cool he used it, but that was as far as the relationship with any of the toys went. In the comics you can see that they give nods to the cartoon series as well as for the most part carrying along the continuity of the Marvel run. They might as well use the Extreme characters, at least in terms of names and maybe some of the ideas, because they were not necessarily a bad concept. They may also be using those because Hasbro has the copyrights to them, so it avoids legal issues.
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    I don't know why Hasbro would want a reminder of a failed experiment hanging around. Sort of like an ex-wife living next door to you. Kinda creepy. I believe Mayday is just a coincidence unless Jerwa says otherwise.

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    DD's not ponying up for the GI Joe licensing rights only to give time to low-interest characters. If something happens between now and 2009 that causes Sgt. Savage to sell more books than Snake Eyes, then maybe the Extreme characters will be phased in, but I'm not holding my breath.


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