What was your first Joe comic?


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    Mine was issue 28 way back in like 1983-84... my mom got it for me.

    I rushed to the store the next day and found issue 27 behind the stack of 28's.

    I've been collecting them ever since.

    It was hard sometimes, when we moved I always had to find a store that sold GI Joe comics. Then Special Missions came out and the yearbooks were always a challenge to find.

    I remember one day GI Joe Vs Transformers came out, I didn't have a dime on me, and my parents were flat broke. My brother in law pulled out a handfull of quarters and let me have them.

    It was hard but I never missed an issue until #143 for some reason. But I found it on Ebay a few years later.

    Sold that collection and am now working on getting a new one built back up.

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    I begged my parents for it at a garage sale in the late 80's...

    My parents didn't view comics too kindly, but caved cuz I begged so much. I think it was either 25 cents or 50.

    I read that thing over and over and over. Parts of the cover are torn, worn and ripped.

    The comic is barely intact... But it was the start of me collecting comics.

    I still have that comic today... Its the only double bagged "fair" condition comic worthless to anyone else that I own.

    Now after a few years of activily searching for the comics, I completed the 1 - 155 run, the special missions 1 - 28 run, the current 1 - 30 run, all transformer/gi joe cross overs, all battle files, year books and Frontpage 1 - 8.
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    I played, ate and slept Joe as a kid and yet as an adult I still can't get enough of it! ! !

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    #1! Bought it and literally wore the ink off the cover reading it! It's still one of my favorites and I still read it a lot, partially because I like the story, mostly because it reminds me how excited I got waiting for the figures to come out!

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    Yeah, I was collecting comics before I got into Gijoe, so I started at #1 too. Had every single issue at one point too, 'cept for the last 5 or so. Best comic ever, thanks to Larry Hama
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    #119. It was at this point in life my family moved to a city that had stores, as compared to the UP of MI, which had very few. Never saw a 'joe comic until we moved that I can remember.

    I knew nothing about the comics and hardly remembered much of the cartoon, I didn't see it that much. However, I was already a few years into collecting the toys and #119 seemed pretty awesome to me.

    I found a sample bundle pack at the local prange way a couple weeks later consisting of #92, #93, and another that escapes me now, but these really grabbed my interest.

    Found a local back-issue stash at a baseball card place and started buying up as much as I could.

    I'm still about 30 issues short on the main series, but #119 started my comic collection!

    It's a different story, too, nothing too crazy but, those cobra bats/lookalikes still seem like a pretty interesting idea. It wrapped up in one issue, too. I liked this, even though it fits in the continuuing saga.

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    I think I was home sick from school or something and when my mom or dad got back from geting me medicin at the store they had gotten me gi joe #1 to try to make me feel better and it worked.

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    Issue #8 where the Joes are in Florida to protect the space shuttle was my first one. I still have it to this day.

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    mine was #5 and I loved it. It was also my first comic ever which led me to collecting comics and at one time having almost 40 boxes full Ive trimmed that down to 12 and its still a pain to move

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    I had seen some comics, with the title Action Force, that i told my grandmother about, next time i visited her, she gave me four dansih issues with them.

    Danish issues 15-18:
    In them was the american issues:

    15: 65 and 66 Cover: 66
    16: 67 and 68 Cover: 67
    17: 69 and 70 Cover: 70
    18: 71 and a special mission issue Cover: 71
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