Your thoughts on restoration kits?

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    Your thoughts on restoration kits?

    I just saw on EBAY that they have these restoration kits for figures. I dont know much about them at all, but they look like a nice way to have a MOC figure for those of us that dont have the money to purchase original MOC figures. any pros or cons to these? your thoughts on these? thanks
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    I have quite of few of them, maybe 20. I get them all from Beggars Canyon Toys rather than ebay, they are cheaper there. The quality is top notch. They are nearly identical to the original except for some small text on the back that identifies them as reproduction packaging. The carding process takes some patience, but the results are great. Here are a few I have done. As you can see, they also make cards for figures that were never single carded before. Those are the best ones.

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    thank you very much for your response, I appreciate it. Those are very cool! I think If I decide to collect the carded figures it will be the restoration kits and not the originals because looking on EBAY, I just cant afford the original carded figures and the restoration kits look just as good to me. Im still trying to decide if I want to do the carded figures or just keep them loose. I havent convinced my wife yet that this is a great hobby. She thinks its a joke and a waste of time and money. so, not sure if I will get back into collecting or not because of that. I just showed her some pics of others gi joe rooms and she looked at me like, hell no, your not doing that.
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    sorry, double post.
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    those look great i was also wondering about these, love the driver and pilot carded wow

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    Any updates?
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