Who is Cobra Commander?


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    Ok, I've read the marvel series up to about #84 now and I'm just curious, is the REAL cobra commander, aka Billy's dad, actually dead? I know in issue #61, Fred shoots the original CC and assumes his identity with the battle armor, and in #84 they explain some of the past with billy, zartan, snake eyes and CC. But since i haven't read through the last 61 issues yet, I'm wondering why in Image/DD #20, Cobra Commander says "no one's going to shoot my son...except me." ??

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    Also keep in mind that DD likes to play fast & loose with the continuity. They don't totally 100% gel with the Marvel series (mostly when it comes to charaterization). If you're reading the Marvel series just to be up on DD, there's no need to, really.


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    DD has found a good mix.
    Like in Issue 31 Rip Cord's reference to relationship and how being in GI Joe effects it. Of course, that is a slight reference to Candy and the whole mess with her and her death. Which probably stetch out over a 20 issues period. And was very meaningful to him.

    In the first few issues they were definelty holding to the Marvel continuity, but they are now moving onto there own. Which is good
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    Agreed......I assume they'll dip back into the Marvel relm when necessary. I think the thread between Marvel and DD was mainly for us die hard fans. Personally, if they came out with a book like Reloaded, I would not be into it as much.....althought that is not to say I don't like Reloaded.

    As for CC, he will always be the Used Car Saleman gone bad......and not some Snake Hybred from the depths of the earth!
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    Thumbs up

    As for CC, he will always be the Used Car Saleman gone bad......and not some Snake Hybred from the depths of the earth! [/QUOTE]

    Certainlly yes! The original and the best concept is the one from the comics, and the information is simple: there will be only one true Cobra Commander!

    But Cobra-La is cool... it's not for the comics, but is cool!

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    I think its in comic issue 99 the real CC comes back and kills Freddy and a whole bunch of other traitors.

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    A used car salesman runs an organization of 10,000 men bent on ruling the world!!!

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    By the way, Cobra Commander is really... Baron IronBlood! Yes. His i.d. has been reavealed! But you have to go to http://www.actionforce.com to discover the truth of his past and how Cobra was organized.

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    [color=red]I'm Cobra Commander[/color]

    Sorry I couldn't resist.


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