I can't watch GI Joe anymore


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    When I was a kid I loved GI Joe the cartoon is what got me into the toys I never was that much into the comic, I read them because my friends would let me and it helped my understanding but the cheap thrill of the corny cartoons fed my appetite.

    I tried watching them on TV with my nephew but just can't. I can watch other cartoons but GI Joe is just too corny for me to take. I blew $20 on the original Mass Device cartoon but can't even watch that one though that and the Weather Dominator really made the cartoon.

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    There are some terrible eps, that is true. I cannot comment on Mass Device and Weather Dominator as I have not seen either in about 2 decades.

    Some good episodes:

    No Place Like Springfield

    Haul Down the Heavens

    Money to Burn

    Most Dangerous Thing in the World

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    I can still watch it. I got 4 DVD sets so far. The episodes that I thought was corny as a kid are still corny to me as an adult. I still get a kick out of 'em anyways. Whenever I watch an episode it still make me want to continue collecting.

    Since you can't watch G.I. Joe no more, mail me your DVDs. I'm sure I can find someone who'll watch 'em.
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    That's sad to hear. I do understand your point though. I haven't seen the cartoons since I was a kid, and now I bought all the dvd sets. I also think they are pretty cheesy, but I love them. It brings back good memories, and I like to see the stories take place that I remember watching as a kid. They are cheesy, but they are entertaining too. I love the show, and will continue to watch them and buy all the dvd sets as they are released. I've gotten tired of some of the episodes, but only a few. Hopefully the cheesiness doesn't ruin GI Joe for you.

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    I understand your point well dude..
    maybe you are geting old..no ofense here..I feel the same too...
    but keep in mind that now we are adults..
    and we think very diferent now,
    those are good memories from those years..the wonder years from the 80's

    my favorite two movies are: GIJOE THE MOVIE and THE REVENGE OF COBRA.

    right now..my vcr is broke..I need to get one before may 25th cause lord of the rings is going to on sale soon!
    then i'll buy one dvd and vcr together..

    see you guys!!
    Jose Isaiah Peña

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    i actually just got the mass devices anc revenge of cobra in the dvd set and i can see how some if it is kinda lame but as kids we liked it for some off reason i thaught it was the coolest thing around.

    but yeah time does affect your point of view

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    I can still watch em.. y'see the trick is to turn off your brain. works every time for me.
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    No Place Like Springfield

    HEY- was that similar to the comic issue?
    i might have to see that.
    need 88 TF dusty crotch

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    I don’t have any problems watching Joe cartoons, I sort of enjoy them every once in a while.

    ...I think deadshot is right, you just have to turn off your brain and it's all good campy fun

    It sure beats the H#!! out of watching all the crappy reality TV shows that are on TV now...
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    Thats what im saying. Sit back, relax and enjoy some mindless joe and cobra action.


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