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    I was thinking, what with the prospect of the new live action movie, what would be the perfect cast. I have given it alot of thought (probably to much), and I can only come up with 3 actors so far.

    Cobra Commander - Gary Oldman
    Storm Shadow - Jet Li
    Road Block - Micheal Clark Duncan

    I'm really interested in hearing everyones thoughts on this.

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    Cool, here would be my picks:

    COBRA cast:
    COBRA Commander: James Woods
    Destro: Sean Connery
    Storm Shadow: Jackie Chan(he only played a bad guy once in a foreign film, i'd love to see him be a bad guy again)
    Zartan: Vince Vaughn
    Firefly: William Dafoe
    Major Bludd: Jason Statham
    Dr. Mindbender: the guy who played Nightcrawler from X-Men 2
    Vypra: Lucy Liu
    Baroness: Rebecca Roujin-Stamos
    Dreadnok Ripper: The guy who played Kano from the movie Mortal Kombat
    Zarana: Demi Moore

    GIJOE cast:
    Duke: Brad Pitt
    Scarlett: Claire Forlani
    Beach-Head: Tommy Lee Jones
    Lady Jaye: Carrie-Anne Moss
    Flint: Ben Affleck
    Roadblock: Danny Glover
    Heavy Duty: Laurence Fishbourne(i'm not sure if I spelled his name right)
    Jinx: Michelle Yeoh
    You can create anything if you use your imagination...it has no limits.

    I am the Asian Sensation of Innovation!

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    I thought of another

    Stalker - Samuel l. Jackson

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    This topic has been beaten to death, lol. But as always here goes mine:

    Matrix Twins = Tomax and Xamot
    Robert England = Cobra Commander
    Femke Jensen = Baroness
    Michael Bein = Flint
    Harrison Ford = General Flagg (the father not the son)

    Personally I have a beef with all the characters being well known actors but because the post is for a "Dream Cast" I'll assume that every one will work for $1

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    COBRA cast:
    COBRA Commander: Gary Oldman
    Destro: Vin Diesel
    Storm Shadow: Jet Li
    Zartan: James Spader
    Firefly: Sean Penn
    Major Bludd: Stuart Townsend
    Dr. Mindbender: Alfred Molina
    Baroness: Melinda Clarke
    Dreadnoks: Owen Wilson, Ben Stiller and Will Ferrell
    Zarana: Courtney Love
    Serpentor: Joaquin Phoenix

    GIJOE cast:
    Duke: Brad Pitt
    Flint: George Clooney
    Hawk: Tom Berenger
    Genreal Flagg: Tom Selleck
    Scarlett: Lindsey Lohan
    Beach-Head: Tommy Lee Jones
    Lady Jaye: Alyssa Milano
    Roadblock: Ving Rhames
    Jinx: Lucy Liu
    Quickkick: Jacki Chan
    Spirit: Keannu Reeves
    Falcon: Heath Ledger

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    Stalker: Lawrence Fishburn
    Xamot and Tomax: Kyle MacLachlan, play both

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    But what about a dream Director?

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    Dream director? ME! I gotta trilogy in my head and a script and a half on paper. Just about everyshot in my head too. I think I'd be pretty self suffcient like a one man movie maker. All I need are a few million dollars and the rights to go to work on it.

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    I'd be able to help with the script, as well as even come up with a few brilliant fight scenes(I watched a lot of Chinese kung-fu movies).
    You can create anything if you use your imagination...it has no limits.

    I am the Asian Sensation of Innovation!

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    Isn't it fun to dream...


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