I just found these...forgot I had them.

Anyway, it's the two transformers from the Beast Wars vs. pack. Optimus Prime as a bat, Megatron as an Alligator. Both have their weapons, but I don't have the comic.

Here's my want list:

WANTS: high priority in bold

Terror Drome parts: Just about everything but the two main guns (the barrels and the black bases), the bulkhead walls, and the consoles.

Night Ray parts: search light lens (moray version fine), both wind shields (moray version fine) front left hatch, one back machine gun, one depth charge holder.

Figures: Figure only ok unless accessories listed.

-Action Man (from NF pack)
-Agent Jinx (VvV must be complete)
-BAT v5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 (must be complete...need many)
-Black Out (complete)
-Black Star
-Budo v2 (mail-in, w/ helmet)
-Chun-Li (o-ring movie version)
-Cobra Commander v4 (eyebrows visable version)
-Cobra Commander v7 (Star Brigade. Must have helmet)
-Croc Master (complete)
-Depth Charge (figure only, x4)
-Dhalsim (movie version, must have coat)
-Eels v2 (must have complete shark & missile)
-Electric EEL (complete, need many)
-Firefly (from BTR sandsnake)
-General Hawk (from A-10)
-Ghostrider (w/ scarf)
-GI Joe (Joseph Colton)
-Ice Viper (must be white)
-Interrogator v1
-M. Bison (blue movie version)
-M. Bison (green ver. from crimson crusier)
-Night Creeper v. 4
-Night Creeper v. 5 (w/ sword & sheath)
-Ninja Viper
-Outback (Night Force)
-Overlord (w/ helmet & claws)
-Python Patrol Officer (need many)
-Python Patrol Trooper (need many)
-Python Patrol Crimson Guard (need many)
-Python Patrol Viper (need many)
-Python Patrol HEAT Viper (complete, need many)
-Python Patrol Laser Viper (complete, need many)
-Python Patrol Lamprey (many)
-Python Patrol Copperhead
-Razor Trooper (need many)
-Red Ninja (Need many)

-Super Trooper (complete)
-Toxo Zombie (need many)
-Vega (movie version, w/ mask)