Can anyone ID these action figure accessories?

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    I just bought a huge lot of action figure accessories and there are alot that I can't identify. I would like to find the actual figure they go to. I have many more to follow after this. Most of these accessories will be up for trade.

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    in first pic
    #13 looks like a gun from Xmen fig Deadpool

    in second pic
    #6 is from a STNG Worf fig
    #17 is a piece from TMNT
    #18 looks like a TMNT piece too

    third pic
    #5 i think thats a surfboard from the TMNT line too
    #6 pizza throwing star from TMNT
    #8,11,12 are belts from the TMNT line, #12 is from Leonardo and i cant see the letters on the other 2

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    I think I'm sure on these but you never know...

    1 and 2 = 2-part gun from Motu Multi-Bot
    3= half of Motu Modulak's gun
    19= Power Lords Sydot's gun???(may be wrong)
    21= Wild Bill v.1 or 2's gun
    4 in the 3rd set is from a Wheeled Warriors vehicle (the Dune Buggy looking one)
    15 in 3rd set= looks like an Other Worlds weapon.

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    bunch of turtle stuff!!
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    Third Pic: #7-Part of TMNT Slash's knife broken off
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    Pic 1 #20: Power Rangers pistol
    3 #13: TMNT Raphael's sai
    2 #16: TMNT Michaelangelo nunchuks

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    pic 1
    #17 is from darklon's evader
    #23 is from cops vs crooks

    pic 2
    #6 is a bat'leth from a star trek klingon figure

    most of the other stuff in pics 2 and 3 is tmnt

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    #11 is off Destro's Dominator
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    Pic #1 #21 is Wild Bill v2 or 3 gun
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