Please help me id these robots

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    My father and I were garage saling last Friday and he came acrossed this bag of robots for like $5 or $10 (I can't remember). I don't think any are from the transformer line, but some reminded me of Gobots and others have japanese writing on them and date them around the 1983 - 1985 era. Could someone help me please id these toys for my father. I'm looking for the toy line, the figure name and if there is a market for them anywhere.

    Here are pictures of them:
    Robot Picture 1
    Robot Picture 2
    Robot Picture 3
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    2 & 3 are absolutely Shogun Warriors. The rest look like they might be Go-Bots.

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    #4 is definitely a Go-Bot, and I'm quite sure #5 is too.

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    #12 is a large version of Leader1 GoBot.
    #s 4, 8, & 9 are GoBots as well, #8 is the scooter. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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    These are all definatley Go-Bots...
    #4, #5, #8, #9, #12, I'm pretty sure #6 (it's a cement truck right?) and probably #11 are too. I know #7 isn't, it's weird seeing that again, I remember having that as a kid, forgot all about it. I had a Go Bot that looked like #10 but it was orange I think, it wasn't yellow and red so that is probably a knock off. It's a Bulldozer, I think it had a blade that attached to it in vehicle mode. I think. #1 and #11 are bigger Go Bots too I think, one a heli and the latter a tank. Pretty sure about this.
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    2 & 3 are the Sgogun Warrior Poseidon
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    I know the big black chopper is Warpath, I used to have the tank too, but forget his name.

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    13: The tank is one of the super-size (or deluxe?) Gobots, the name just isn't coming to me now.

    Is number 6 a cement truck? I had a Gobot cement truck, but I'm not too sure from this view.

    Is #9 blades? I know it is not Coptur.

    # 4 is Screw head, I think, similar to the Gobot Fitor

    #10 itself isn't familiar, but the transformation to vehicle is done the same way as the Gobot Loco (a train engine--the arms slide in and out, while the legs simply fold out.) I'd guess a Gobot on this one.

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    Nice catch Tanner!
    That blue chopper looks a little like the GO-BOT that I had, but mine was an army green.

    What was the name of that?

    I hope you don't mind that I hijack this thread a little.

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