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    a while back i had some words with one of the moderators on here, normally they would of banned me but he felt i had some reasonable contribution to the toy board here so they let me stay...i just wanted to say mainly because i'm sure some people (mainly the mods, people who made this board possible etc) that i apologize for taking it to the extreme i did, although i did feel it was necessary based on what was said to me, and i would do it again, but not in public like that...gotta give him some credit to, because most would love to exercise their board power by banning me, especially if the offense was directed at the person who had the power to do so...so basically i just wanted to publicly say this because, i think a decent amount of people on here like me and i wouldnt want that to be construed as i'm some type of badass who can curse at mods and get away with it(frankly i dont take it that seriously to begin with but i can see it being interpreted that way by the people who work hard to keep the site running), and keep on posting as if to have no respect for the fact that i even have the resource of this web page in general to begin with...this is really a good web site and a very good message board thats all i have to say.

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    Post this on the Off Topic Section, this is not toy related.


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