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    The new Army BDU has been revealed, they should have asked the USMC for a license to use theirs if you ask me.

    First of all it has velcro pockets and collar and a zipper closure. Zippers break! under strain and velcro just sucks.

    The pointed collars (where rank and branch used to be) has been eliminated, it appears rank will now be on the chest.

    Now for the best part there will be a single uniform for all environments. It is a combination of light green, tan and gray. Black boots are out they will simply be tan now.

    The Marines did numerous tests and found the woodland Marpat the best around flaura
    and the Desert Marpat the best in a desert environ.

    Something with gray and green will certainly look out of place in the desert more than the Marine pattern and probably is best suited for an urban environment. Similarly, I doubt it is as good as the Marine Woodlant counterpart in a lush environement.

    Surveys among Marines found most did not favor zippers or velcro and as such they were not included, the army should have cared more. The Marines have less resources than the army so it is odd that they decided to go with a one for all terrain uniform while the corps has kept two.

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    ok so i just read today they are using a new digital camo pattern-
    any photos yet????
    i am assuming joe will be wearing it soon enough-
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    Here is a link to a story with a pic though not a very good one I wish you could see the details close so you could see the colors. If you look at the name tages and badges you can see how light the coloring is compared to the current uniform. From a distance you can't really see the green or tan it blends gray.,00.html

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    Starting to look a lot more like Starship Troopers IMO.
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    It looks more urban then anything, strange choice IMO. I really like the new collar and the velcro. Once it makes it to the public I'm gonna pick up that jacket, it looks cool!

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    at least it's not blue tiger-stripes like the Air Force wants

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    <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by EOMFD:
    at least it's not blue tiger-stripes like the Air Force wants <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    I like Tiger Stripe. Since most USAF personnel are not involved in ground warfare it should not be a problem and it is not blue just it has gray and green. I am sure the Special Ops troops will be able towear other uniforms when in combat if they need to.

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    I like the new style, the collar I mean. Sure the pattern looks more like an urban camo thatn a polyvalent camo but hey, they must've test it before imposing it...right

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    i dunno that doesnt look that cool.
    i really dont like them trying to cut corners and use one pattern for desert and forest instead of having two.
    i guess it will be better when we see the whole uniform
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    <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> they must've test it before imposing it...right <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    yeah i guess so-
    or does that fall into the oxymoronic "military intelligence" category -

    it just seems like so much white...
    also the patches look kinda out of place, too added on. i imagine that will be fixed.
    the style is pretty futuristic, and it sounds like they talked to lots of soldiers so the comfort factor will go up-- it did also say "roomier".
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