An Int'l Edition: Cultural Heroes, Canadian Convention Preview, GI Joe in South Africa

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As shows go, this one truly shaped up to be a very interesting one. The first half is jam packed with three complete interview segments. First we talk to Wayne Losey and Tucker Johnson from Go, Go, Dynamo! Wayne and Tucker are two of the talents that brought us Sigma Six and now are using their expertice in the 8" arena to start up another 8" line, right now called, The Hero Project. The Hero Project consists of World Cultural Heroes as 8" action figures with all of the pose and playability that your favorite Sigma Six figures had. Wayne and Tucker also answer questions concerning their time on the Sigma line and drop us a tiny tidbit about a certain Sigma dropship possibly having a 3.75" seat tooled for it. Interesting, right? Well, if you like what you hear about the Hero Project, GIVE, and GIVE GENEROUSLY to their Kickstarter fund - The Hero Project- Action Figures of World Cultural Heroes by Go Go Dynamo — Kickstarter. In segment 2, friend and sponsor of the program Mike Heddle (aka The Mike) pays us a visit to talk about the upcoming Canadian Joe Con (Aug 10 & 11 @ the Toronto Airport Sheraton) and find out what previous Canadian Con execlusive is making his grand return in modern era construction! In segment 3, Steven, Rob and Paul from the Johnannesburg, South Africa based GI Joburg podcast join us (truthfully, they've been on and participated the whole time) to talk about their show, state of the hobby, and the hurdles they face to keep their hobby alive way down at the southern tip of Africa. In the news...well, there wasn't much news. Sideshow reveals a new Major Bludd and Baroness figures at SDCC - Gary laments of a lack of Snow Job. Hasbro answered some Joe site questions at SDCC, some new stuff is revealed, other stuff is a review. Yeah, that's the news. We wrap up with a lengthy shout out segment before bidding our new South African friends good bye.

Please please please, pardon the audio. Trust us, we know, it's not the best. Between bad mics, international internet routing and having as many as 10 people connected to the same call, it could have gone a whole lot worse. Sometimes the bandwidth gods are with you and sometimes they are against you, so apologies in advance. We want to thank ALL of our guest for their patience and participation in the show. We hope all of you enjoy the program!

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