IDW's GI Joe A Real American Hero Artist SL Gallant Interview

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Yes, it is a month in the waiting...and its a little behind in news, but the latest episode of WOJM is here! No worries, full disclosure will be provided on the mini break. We hope you understand. BUT FIRST, onto the episode featuring the man that brings Larry Hama's script to life in the IDW GI Joe A Real American Hero comic, SL Gallant. Find out more about this very talented artist and DON'T miss his imitation of Larry giving him a call to wish him a most happy Arbor Day. From the mailbag we answer 3 letters, from 3 continents. In the news we preview the then upcoming Canadian JoeCon, discuss ROUND 2 - FIGHT of {cha-ching!} JoeCon Concept Case Survey and we reach back into the 70's to revive The Match Game to have a little fun with Justin and his excitement over Renegades coming out on Blu Ray. As a side note: the WOJM Fantasy Football League is full, again sorry about the extreme lateness. So there ya have it folks, an interview, some old news, but hopefully a lot of fun in this episode of WOJM!!

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