Has anyone else been having good luck lately?


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    For me, at least, lately I've been making quite a few hauls at decent prices. I've scored most of the AC repaint stuff I've wanted, with a few exceptions (if anyone's got a decent Jammer and/or a Dolphin they're willing to get rid of, LMK, O.K.? ), as well as a few non-Joe things.

    Has anyone else noticed their luck changing for the better lately?

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    Damn straight.

    Pretty dry for a bit there...then I managed to find tons of single pack bats and General Storm hooked me up with a Defiant Crawler...and now I finally have a Night Boomer!
    ....apparently I can't customize for my wants anymore.

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    I scored some nice stuff last week...

    Kane County was great, before that I scored 600+ parts for $50 shipped and after that $155 for Flagg.

    Since last Sunday it's been dead for me though.

    Nice tag on that auction Darko.
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    Does that tell you my answer?

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    I have been doing fairly well lately, not great but good.

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    I won an absolutely complete Defiant for

    Not bad hehe

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    OKAY I found some good stuff last week but thats it
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    Im 15 and im going to get a job at goodwill soon... so i am hopeing that i will find some good stuff there soon... but no good luck so far here

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    Good luck with that....I worked at Value Village and only saw ONE joe item come through (a HISS tank...I was going to pick it up, but we could only buy things on our breaks and someone bought it before I could).
    ....apparently I can't customize for my wants anymore.

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    I haven't had too much luck finding anything for the last few months.

    I found some good deals at Goodwill. But they make my laugh, you'll find a new Star Wars figure behind glass for $6 but turn around and find old hot wheels worth $10+ each in the .49 bin.


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