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    All the sets available are on Ebay right now.
    Here's the link for the Snake Eyes w/timber to get you to the right place:
    Lego Minifig Gi Joe Snake Eyes w Timber Deluxe Custom Minifigure L K | eBay

    We also have hundreds of other custom minifigs listed as well.
    Thanks for looking.

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    Instead of this FAKE Lego thingie they'd better make 28mm wargames miniatures. Or better, co-op with HeroClix and sell millions of mini's.

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    My son got most of the Transformers Kreo stuff. I think its pretty close to Lego quality (good enough for me to not give a _ _ _ _). I'm interested to see more.
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    I started making my own 28mm GI Joe's. You can follow WIP in my blog: toco.be/blog .

    I'd like to use the miniatures for Necromunda (by GW).


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