Hasbro Announces New GI-JOE Kre-O


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    Hasbro Announces New GI-JOE Kre-O

    Hasbro will be unveiling numerous new 2013 product at next week's New York Comic Con. To give fans an idea of what they can expect, the above teaser poster has been released showing that GI-JOE KRE-O building sets are coming out in February 2013. More news as NYCC approaches...
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    I'm actually pretty stoked about this. I don't like the TRU exclusive part. Not like they need an excuse to add $5. But I'd like a mini Stalker and Snake-Eyes. Some of the Cobra vehicles would look pretty cool in this format.
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    If they make classic vehicles like the MOBAT, VAMP, and HISS and include mini figures in their 80's outfits, I will definitely buy them. Also, it would be cool if they come in boxes with box art in the spirit of the 80's ones. And, if they package additional mini figures on classic looking cards, but smaller, it would be pretty cool, too. I could really get into a line like that.

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    Can't wait for this one. The best of my childhood, legos and Gi Joe!

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    Interested to see if they are the quality that Legos are. If not then it will be a bust.

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    i like the idea of using the vintage ARAH style art and swapping in the lego anatomy. i thought the box art for the star wars vintage line recently did a good job of redoing the old photos with new figure styles. hopefully they will keep that theme going...

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    If you like the idea of LEGO-esque Joe figures check this out.

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    These are the display cards for the LEGO figures we customize to look identical to the 3 3/4 vintage ones.

    Will have pics of the customs in their cases available if anyone is interested. These blow away anything KRE-O will put out and it is actually LEGO!

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Here are some of the more popular sets we have available. More pics to come in this thread. Don't worry Storm Shadow, Snake Eyes w/ timber and Firefly will be available shortly.

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    This would be very interesting to see.
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