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    I took the wifey to go see it. She loved it and I had a good time as well. A tip though, go at the late showing s that way there are not that many kids there.

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    I took my son to go see Scooby Doo 2. Man kid's are annoying at the movies.

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    I think it's a given though if you're going to one of those, it's going to be full of youngings...and good. When kids go to those movies, they aren't at home hounding daddy! lol

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    did you think the first was better or were they about the same? I liked the first one so was just curious what you thought
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    Yeah my girlfriend and I saw it on Thursday. It was very funny. I enjoyed it and so did she. Also we went to a showing at
    around 10:30 I think, only two kids where there. And they were really quite.
    Anyway it doesn't matter whether there are kids there or not. Some "adults" are worse than kids.

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    Amen on that. Went and saw Day after Tomorrow and had one guy I wanted to hit in the head with my coke. IT's like shut the H up! Good thing I went with my Dad and Bro because with my Wife she would have had them thrown out (G).

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    yeah that is part of why i always wait for the video-\
    i need to pause it and talk and smoke.
    this will blow some of you away-
    the last 1st run movie i saw in the theatre -
    termintator 2.
    a little bit after that i saw Far and Away at one of those rerun $1.50 places somebody took me to.
    shrek was pretty good, sounds like 2 is also, cool!
    need 88 TF dusty crotch

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    Back when I had money and before kid's I was at the movies all the time. Friends , girl friends whatever. But now I would rather wait for the video. More features and a pause button ( I have a small blatter, either I cann't eat or drink or after an hour or two I got to make the run.)

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    My wife liked this one better than the first, I liked the first better. But by all means the second is very good and will have you laughing. Another to go see is Troy, amazing movie.

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    i cant stand when people go to a movie and just talk the whole time.sometime i like to ask them while are you here you payed 7.00 just to talk you can do that in the parking lot.i think lot of is lack of respect.

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