SPOILER New Movie Batmobile reveiled


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    I really dun like it. I dunno to me Micheal Keaton will always be Batman to me.
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    ?????? It looks like it was made out of some extra metal scraps all welded together! After the last Batman movie I'd say it looks like it's still going downhill FAST!

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    Well seeing as this movie is suppose to be the early years of Mr. Wayne. Maybe they want it to have the rough prototype look?

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    <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Gemini Matrix:
    Well seeing as this movie is suppose to be the early years of Mr. Wayne. Maybe they want it to have the rough prototype look?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Hope you're right.
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    well as cool as it looks. its not a batmobile.

    wait wait wait.... is this Batmans New Batmobile, or the new ride for an upcoming Road Warrior/MadMax flick that we dont know about?!?!
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    Yeah, they're definitely going for the prototype look, which makes sense, what with the plot and all.

    I do think they should have given it some crude bat-wing tail fins, though. That's a staple of the 'mobile.

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    Yeah, three Batman movies, I think, are enough. It's too bad the last Batman movie didn't include more villains at once. It'd have been exciting to have many villains try to take out Batman. There are some that never showed up in any Batman movies that deserve a "movie spotlight":

    Killer Croc
    Harley Quinn(she should have been included with Joker in the first film)
    Mad Hatter

    I'm hoping at least one of the four shows up in the next film, otherwise, I'm not too thrilled about it.
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    No, next film is Scarecrow and Ra's Ahul Ghul (or however it's spelled)
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