What is your favourite GI JOE or COBRA Figure, and why?


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    What is your favourite GI JOE or COBRA Figure, and why?

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ID:	7391What is your favourite joe/cobra 3 3/4" figure? post a picture if you can!

    my favourite would probly be the last one i remember opening wich would of been wild bill, he came with so many accessories it just made him a cool toy...i dont remember how old i was but he was a birthday present and i remmebr playing with him for many years! i wish oh how i wish i still had my childhood joes...god only know what happened to all of them but i do have a very select few that i did have since then but not wild bill lol
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    I never got into Joe till 2005, but after that (and seeing my first episodes of the original cartoon, Worlds Without End Parts 1 and 2), I found my favorite Joe figure to be Barbecue. When I was little, I was really into firefighters (even had my 5th birthday at a fire station). So when I got my first Barbecue figure, it brought back a lot of memories. (Also, I really like his characterization.)

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    i found a picture of wild bill! the last gi joe i can remember opening is the 1992 WildBill and i realized i still have his backpack lol 20 years later :P

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    84 Firefly. Awesome grey urban camo, green gun/phone and backpack you could open. Loved the mask, card art and filecard. He was portrayed as a mysterious saboteur and a very dangerous enemy of GI Joe.

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    Tough one. Probably Tunnel Rat v1. I hated his pack and lost his lights (if I ever had them), but he was all kinds of cool.

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    My very first Joe toys were a Python Conquest (which I won in a school drawing) and I can remember going to Osco in Memphis at like age three and buying an Undertow. I still have that undertow and his flippers lol. It is the only figure I still have from childhood having sold everything else several years back. So I guess Undertow is my answer. I found a moc Undy last year for $8 at a rummage sale

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    1984 Hooded Cobra Commander. We grew up kinda poor and I remember saving for him, filling out the order and sending it off. A few weeks later he arrived in that awesome little card board box. Awesome day!

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    Favorite as a kid was probably snake eyes 1985 and storm shadow. Other than the 82 guys, I think those were the only ones I broke the thumb on, probably played with them tons.

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    Well I think my original Stalker got played with the most. I grew up in a house that was purchased by my family in the early seventies. They bought it from a guy that had owned a carpet store. So the downstairs was covered in this green, black, and white shag. And when I say "downstairs" I also mean "down the stairs". It was also about 5 feet up the stair well. So my cousin and I would always hide Stalker in it and if you found him you got to re-hide him. Sometimes he'd be lost for weeks. Heck, for all I know he's still there.

    Favorite Cobra's are probably a tie with Night-Viper and Alley-Viper. They looked so intimidating and just badd.
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