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    Lookin' good madcap! Nice shelf work mate! I've been working on my room this winter as well, I need to take some updated pictures and share them with the forums. I still need to get a couple more display cases (bleh, so expensive) but almost there. Only lack about 50 misc items all together to have everything 82-92 near mint and complete! Why is it the only things I lack now are uber expensive?! Darn you Night Force stuff and the Defiant for your costliness.

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    Looks great. Wish I had that much space.

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    Looks like you have a lot of room to expand.

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    Thanks, just got a huge lot with a lot of doubles on the aircrafts that I have so I'll have to hang up a dog fight. I also have to start framing my blueprints and putting shelves up on the walls.

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    Nice setup madcap69.

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    Please share your experience with us. Did you hire labour from any labour agency to renovate it or you did it by yourself? I am also going to renovate my room and I will contact with labour hire companies in Brisbane. If they provide me professional labour I will start my work.
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