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    Hello everyone,

    Here are some customs that I worked on the past few days. They are new characters that I have made up and the following is the story behind each character.

    Vigilante Force is made up of members from different parts of Latin America and the United States. This force was founded primarily for protection in the areas of the world that are over run by narco-terrorism. G.I.Joe has monitored their operations and have worked together on a few occasions. They each wear a touch of red as a memorial to those that have bled.

    Code Name: Warpath
    Mexican-American and a specialist in Delta Force Team that lead the Contra Strike against Pedro Eliazar. Met Scorpion during his tour of Columbia and has kept in contact with Columbiaís underground legend. Soon after Contra Strike he retired and worked occasionally as a bounty hunter in Southern California. While closing in on the San Diego Mexican Cartel Mob Boss he met Panther, Rhino and Jackal when the trio fought the Mexican Cartel. He brought together the trio from Mexico and Columbia.

    Code Name: Panther
    Mexican-American while on vacation in Cancun was taken hostage by the rebel guerilla forces. Saw first hand the cruelty and brutality of these guerillas. Was freed, but stayed in the area to help the people. Made his way into Mexico City in his quest to bring down the Mexican Cartel. He later traveled to Tijuana and discovered that Jackal and Rhino were poised to eliminate the Mexican Cartel. The trio lead an assault on the Mexican Cartel and drove them out of San Diego California.

    Code Name: Grizzly
    Cuban that helped refugees of Cuba flee the hardships of the country. Smuggled refugees into Mexico and the U.S. He is wanted by the Mexican Cartel for disrupting the drug flow into Miami. Meets Panther off the coast of Cancun in Pantherís early days as Mexicoís liberator. Is recruited by Panther to join Vigilante Force.

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    Code Name: Jackal
    Brazilian aspiring actor sought career in USA, but found his way into the Mexican Drug Cartel and crossed paths with Rhino at the border. They became friends and began working on small films as extras and stunt doubles. They ultimately decided to pursue their dreams, but the Mexican Cartel would not let them go easily. when Rhino wanted to pursue his football dream

    Code Name: Jaguar
    Brazilian minor league soccer player, but retired his cleats after a severe knee injury. Was recruited by his brother Jackal to join Vigilante Force. Rescued his brother Jackal and Panther from captivity during the battle in Tijuana. He was wounded during the battle and was forced out of action until he re-cooperated.

    Code Name: Rhino
    Mexican, tired of the little opportunities of football career in Mexico. Sought career in USA. Was illegal alien and was caught at the border and deported. Encountered Jackal and was offered protection within the Mexican Drug Cartel. Tried to leave the Cartel, but was nearly assassinated and had to give up his dream of playing football.

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    Code Name: Scorpion
    Columbian and former henchman in Eliazarís cartel. Was summoned to kill an entire family, but refused and it cost him his familyís life. He and childhood friend Lynx vowed to exact revenge for those who have suffered at the hands of Eliazarís Cartel.

    Code Name: Lynx
    Columbian childhood friend of Scorpion, helped him get back to health and joined him in his fight against Eliazarís Cartel. Was wounded in the days leading up to Eliazarís fall and nursed back to health by Cannibal.

    Code Name: Cannibal
    Pennames and former counselor to Elizar that was left for dead by Elizarís henchmen. After a minor dispute, Elizar feared that his former counselor would reveal his safe houses. He earned the name from having to eat his own foot soldier in order to survive the savage jungle of Panama.

    Hope you enjoyed them!

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    Ha! Very original ethnic concept here. Not a single bad stereotype among them. I especially like Cannibal's backstory. Funny stuff! Excellent work!

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    those are some great customs! original idea and great execution - there's only one thing missing: the recipe for each figure!!!

    you should post these at also

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    dude holy cow! incredible customs, beautiful photography!
    so did you resculpt some of those heads?

    [ May 15, 2004: Message edited by: thorn ]
    need 88 TF dusty crotch

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    He he he he...

    Nice work

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    Those are some awesome customs, great paint & landscape! [img]smile.gif[/img]

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    Dude, you're customs kick major a$$. Always wicked looking at your stuff!

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    Whole set all nice work. Stories lots of things goin on in that joe world of yours I guess LOL. Time very well spent nice man.


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