Dusty's army ! thank you soldiers


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    ok getting worn out retyping this and it not posting.
    high qual phtos, let me know if its too slow, top photo is a little degraded.
    need 88 TF dusty crotch

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    I had a heck of a time findingjuss a loose fig of dusty and u have a whole army of him! lucky guy and awesome pics man...sorry for being a lil slow i dont collect the new stuff but are those tanks gi joe?
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    hey thorn, you might not believe this, but i have about 17 or 18 dusty's. he was one of
    the first joes i got as a kid, so that is part of my pseudo-obsession with, as i like to call them, my "dusty clones". i have 4 dune buggy's & part of my grizzly covered with them, similiar to your pics, just thought i would let ya know, there is another dustyhead out there, i never thought anyone else would start up a dusty army. as you might figure, luv the pics

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    Cool army man, Dusty was always my favorite as a kid! Just one question, how many bipods do you have? I know those things are KILLER to find!

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    forgot to mention, just my 2 cents on the upcoming "crackhead" dusty in vvv wave 3. i think that 85' dusty is by far the best version. TF didn't cut it, not face camo, 02 too lanky & well the upcoming one looks to me, somewhat like one of the star wars han solo figures, one with the sand-dune type outfit, anyway, the new dusty is just plain goofy looking.

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    Look out Sand Vipers!

    As for me, its been hard to trust Dusty ever since he went over to Cobra for alittle while.

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    yeah thanks guys- yes the new version of dusty is a bit disappointing.
    also- look out- there's another dusty builder out there, i was bidding against him on several dusty auctions this week.
    i have 2 loose figs with bipods (the only way to get a dusty bipod is to pay $15-16 for one 100% on ebay. )
    i also have a complete set of 88 TF s MOC, so i have one tf dusty with bipod there.
    one tank is a gijoe patriot grizzly, the other is an elite operations tank, the 2 odd figs came with it.
    need 88 TF dusty crotch

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    I always like the dusty figure as well, I would have done a few touchups though (it's hard for me not to change the figures) I would have swapped heads on the figures and then reapplied the helmet and face camo on the new heads so all your "dustys" could be individuals

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    i have thought about individuals, but i like his cloth thing too much. i think the face camo helps make him less of an individual at least.
    i should make some kind of commander for the troop though, and the wal mart duke just isnt doing it for me, the silver on him kills that fig.

    [ May 23, 2004: Message edited by: thorn ]
    need 88 TF dusty crotch

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    dusty went over to cobra? man i can vaguely remember that. or, at least i think i remember! someone e-mail me and tell me the story so i can remember. i know lifeline went out with that rich chick that cobra kept tricking. he kinda helped cobra out sorta. what did dusty do!? ahhh! btw...that dusty army is scary! i'd run away with all those dusty's comin'. what about the dusty that came with the coyote? i thought he was cool.
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