Custom file cards (Front art work)

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    I guess you could consider this a custom, I touched up with photoshop. Looks just like a proof card would. This is lower resolution original is 300 dpi.

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    Very very nice, you thinking of making some custom carded figures then?


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    Yeah I thought about doing some carded customs for myself but I don't know where to get the bubbles at. I think having some carded even if there not real would look good. I also thought of printing these and framing them. I have a high res laser color printer so they look just like they were new once there printed out. So far I've done Scarlett, Zap, Cobra Soldier, and Stalker. I've done those in about a week. I have most of the card art from 82-88 its just finding the time to photoshop them. I also do custom file cards. They look exactly like the originals just digitally enhanced for better quality. Here's an example. This has been resized so the quality is not going to be the greatest. Its original is 300 dpi.

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    yeah thats pretty cool-
    i think some of us would be into buying sets of those!
    need 88 TF dusty crotch

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    Thats cool, I saw a site where a guy was making custom carded figs, or re-carding loose figs. Don't remember the link though. Apparently there is a demand for these.
    "that's the way baseball go"

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    Yeah I saw that site, it was He looks like he does really good work.


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