krylon fusion spray paint on figures

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    I have been using this on vehicles with great success, has anyone used it on figures yet? It seems this paint is available in gloss or flat, and several different colors.
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    I'm actually thinking of using the Fusions on a custom Terror Drome. Will it work well?

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    I've used it on some vehicles, there is flat and gloss available, many colors, works great!

    Hiss IV repainted in fusion navy blue

    Mudbuster repainted in lighter shade of blue

    Parasite in same shade as the Mudbuster, got this idea from donsbabyboo
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    I have not found any Fusion in flat tones. Is there a specific place you are finding it?

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    hobby lobby too
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    does the paint wear or does it hold pretty well?

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    holding well on the vehicles, I'll try a figure soon and see how it goes...
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    that stuff works great on vehicles! I did a new Bat APC in the blue and left it out in the rain on accident, paint is still perfect!

    I found my spray paint at Ace Hardware.

    Have not tried it on any figures yet, probably won't either. Seems kind of hard to spray a figure, I like to put smal detail on the figures. [img]smile.gif[/img]


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    That fusion paint is like magic or something, I can't believe how well it works. No chipping, no scratching, just like it was molded that way. I've been using it for quite some time, haven't used it on figs though. All my stuff has been on vehicles, I know a guy that used it on a terrordrome and he said it turned out awesome. It has to cure for 7 days though, other wise you can scratch it before it cures totally. You could probably speed up the process if you left it in the sun or in a warm temp.


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