Frag Viper grenades / Sub Zero missles for trade (HTF for HTF) 3 for 1

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    Frag Viper grenades / Sub Zero missles for trade (HTF for HTF) 3 for 1

    I have some frag viper grenades and sub zero missles

    I'm looking for any of the following:

    I'll do 3 grenades/missles for 1 of the following original, no broken:

    86 bat chest sticker
    86 bat hand
    84 storm shadow short sword
    84 storm shadow bow
    83 cobra soldier rifle
    85 listen n fun mine x3
    87 rumbler gun
    91 bat attachements
    91 bat chest sticker
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    will also do

    90 saw viper bipods
    90 saw viper ammo belts
    86 snow serpent pouch
    86 snow serpent missle stand
    84 zartan gun
    85 crimson guard rifles
    87 gung ho swords

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    Also looking for

    Sgt Slaughter's baton.

    I'll also sweeten the deal to 3 for 1 deal

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    Also if you have other hard to find items that I might be interested in.


    Night Force stuff.

    Drop me a line

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    Also need

    NF Outback - webbing, flashlight
    NF Spearhead - Max, helmet, backpack
    NF Psyche-Out - wrish dish
    NF Muskrat - Skimmer board
    Skypatrol parachutes
    Royal Guard antennas
    Head hunter shotguns

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    91 BAT weapons

    I have a '91 BAT gun attatchment and missile

    The only NF items are 2 Night Raider side guns.

    I have a lot more available at my site:

    let me know you're interested

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    What do you want to trade for your items, also are they unbroken, no stress or chew marks?


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