There's room for one more...(half brag half future for sale/trade)

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    Talking There's room for one more...(half brag half future for sale/trade)

    Ok, no more brag posts from me for awhile, but....

    Remember that lot I posted about last time that I won on ebay? Night Boomer and Night Striker (incomplete but with many parts) as well as a lot of other vehicle shells for $35? Well, I paid today, and to save on shipping I told the guy that I only really wanted the Night Force stuff (I didn't really care about the other shells). He emailed me and said that worked fine, and since I didn't want the other stuff, he could throw in a Night Ray boat that he had and didn't want anymore instead. He said it's incomplete but still...

    So, here I am, soon to have TWO night rays. I'm having enough trouble building ONE. So anyone want to join the "Guys trying in vain to build a Night Ray" club? I have no idea what it comes with, but after I get it and take the parts I don't have, it's going up for sale or trade.
    ....apparently I can't customize for my wants anymore.

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    me me me me me
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    I've got parts for it...


    Whom ever you sell the shell to, pass my e-mail or id along with it. I've got parts I would be willing to trade or sell to help complete that Night Ray.

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