Best way to read GIJOE

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    Best way to read GIJOE

    I have no interest in the value / investing / sollecting side of comics.

    Simply said. . . I would like to read them. I want to read Marvel 1-155 and DD 1 through current.

    How is the best (read: Cheapest) way to be able to read these things without having to deal with "rare" issues and worry about damaging the "mint" value of the comics? I am willing to pay money here, I just don't want to plop down $750 for a complete catalogue when I really could care less about anything other than imersing myself in the Joe universe once again.

    Thanks for the help.

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    I believe for the first 50 issues or so, your best route would be the trade paperbacks. After that you would have to get the individual comics.

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    I would recommend the trade paperbacks as well. I own those comics but didn't want to risk damaging them, so i picked them up. Youc an usually find them pretty cheap hear and there. I think I got mine off Amazon not too long ago, but they may be out of stock by now. After issue 50, your best bet is eBay. G.I.Joe comics just don't sell for lots and lots of money. I would be surprised if you couldn't find lots or individual issues for dirt cheap. You may also want to try They have a huge selesction. Prices are pretty steep but they have 50-80% sales a fact there's one going on now for Marvel comics.

    As for DD...I'd say if you dont have them yet....check out the Devil's Due website and order the trade paperbacks or comics, whichever you choose.
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    Thanks for the recomendations. I just ordered the trade paperback #1 issues 1-10 for $24.95 with tax and shipping. Not too bad for 10 issues I suppose. I had never heard of these things. I have not been in a comic book store in 10+ years. Maybe I will have to stop by as well to see what is happening.

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    If you don't care about value,(NO OFFENSE TO ANYONE)Read them on the thrown.Most people think better there.Just a thought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by destroscastle
    If you don't care about value,(NO OFFENSE TO ANYONE)Read them on the thrown.Most people think better there.Just a thought.
    HAHA!! I was just about to add that! that is the best place to read. no noise, not gonna get disturbed by anyone, and I have no problem with taking any comics into the crapper.
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    Not seriously...not seriously at all...if you do you will not get!!!!

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    I actually have a huge stack of joe comics sitting on the back of my toilet. I reread like 3-4 issues a week that way. I know, I know, too much information :P
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    It is a shame those trades go only to 50. I mean you still have two very solid story lines with the Cobra Civil War and the whole SAW Viper episode. Word has it that Hasbro has acquired the whole Marvel run, so maybe we'll see more three-packs with key issues so people can read up and not miss out.
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    I think the best way to read them is left to right


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