a question for moc collectors


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    a question for moc collectors

    two weeks ago a won a tiger force moc bazooka.got it a few days ago the card in great shape but when i was checking out the figure he had a crack elbow.so my question is this common for late 80s figures to have this problem?and do you have any sealed stuff with crack elbows?

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    I don't think its very common. Its still a hardly noticeable flaw and it probably won't detract from the value much.

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    Its not a uncommon flaw for a figure with use but to have a Sealed figure with a cracked elbow is pretty odd, I'm sure its possible though.

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    Seems very possible but my guess would have been the glue would have given away before the elbows would have cracked since both are due to them drying out. Not sure what to say
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    As far as I can see it the cracked elbow can be caused by two things...over flexing the elbow...play where...and a rivit thats to tight...from manufacturing...!! I think it will devalue it...but not much...!!!

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    I've got 2 figures MOC with cracked elbows! Both Night Force too. My Lightfoot and Charbroil both have cracked elbows and both are MOC, not resealed. Sucks, the only reason I bought these MOC was so I wouldn't have to deal with crap like this.
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    In my experience, late 80's MOC figures with cracked elbows are common.

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    In my opinion y check twice if it not a resealed.
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    A lot of late 80's figures had problems with cracked elbows. I think playwear or heat/humidity played into this. Especially being in the bubble if it was exposed to heat in a cool environment or even the oppositte, a hot environment being cooled, I would think could cause this. The plastic is pretty thin on the elbows. Many of the late 80's figures seem to have broken crotches too, so I wonder the overall integrity of the plastic used.

    It's all just a guess. But I'd say it's uncommon to have a MOC figure with a broken part, only because not a lot of them exist. And really any late 80's figure MOC is not common, so I don't think the value would drop dramtically, although some. Without being handled though, I tend to believe it was more of the enviroment it was placed in (hot/cold) that played a roll in it's demise.
    Most likely heat, as that tends to weaken some forms of plastic. Just a theory, I could be wrong. And if you ask my wife, I'm wrong most of the time. LOL!
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    I actually have several figures from 87-89 MOSC that have cracked elbows i bet they came from the factory that way. Alot of figures had weak plastic especially the SM and PP sets.
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