I had a tough decision to make last week...either I buy G.I.JOE Season One, part Two, or Ninja Gaiden for my Xbox. I decided to buy Ninja gaiden since I wanted the original trilogy also(actually just Ninja Gaiden I). This game is awesome!!! If you own an Xbox, buy this game! This game is number 1 or 2 for the xbox in my book (depending on where I feel putting Halo). I recently bought XIII and Red Dead Revolver, then bought Ninja Gaiden. Needless too say I quit playing the other two and now only play Ninja Gaiden. Also, the original trilogy is in the Xbox version. You need to collect the 50 scarabs (not hard since there are walkthroughs on the net). It's still an expensive game ($50), but the original trilogy for snes is getting up in price and is hard to find, so I think $50 is worth it. The only problem is sometimes the camera gets messed up. At first this was really making me mad, but know I'm getting used to it. I'm playing on the normal level and am on Chapter 10. The only tough fight I've had was the level 3 boss. Anyways, BUY THIS GAME!!!! It's 480p capable...I can only imagine how good this game would look on 480p.