Some pics i took today,have a look!

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    Some pics i took today,have a look!

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    Can ya see all the pics??

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    Talking about your pics

    great pics really creative way to show figures

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    great pics. keep sharing. next time, lower your resolution a little. you don't need that great a resolution for web page veiwing and it is really slow. i am on broadband and it was slow for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rockpenny
    Can ya see all the pics??
    Yep. Pretty cool collection.

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    Nice army

    I was able to see most of them. Nice Destro army. My Destro army consists of a Destro and a IG . I'm hopeing next years con set is Destro and his army.

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    Someone who army builds Incinerators...neat!!!

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    Cool display!

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    Nice man, Thats probably the first time I have seen a Earthquake so close up. Its neet to see how you incorporated your Cobra Hostile environmental troops, Incenarators, and Destros IGs. Great .

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    nice pics
    i need to get some of my pics up
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