Want Blue & Grey Dreadnoks Con figures & TF Beachhead


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    Want Blue & Grey Dreadnoks Con figures & TF Beachhead

    I'm looking for any of the Blue & Grey Team Members from the convention set

    or the entire set


    Please e-mail [email protected]

    Crimson Attack Tank (CAT) 1985 Sears Exclusive "loose"

    G.I.Joe 12" figures
    TRU exclusive Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow/Snake Eyes 2-pack "loose"

    Valor vs. Venom
    Alley Viper II x 14 w/knife (only 7 figures come with both silver guns)
    Recondo (Black outfit): complete x 5
    Scarlet: w/out sword x 4
    Heavy Duty re-paint: complete
    Desert Duke, Roadblock & Gung Ho (set of 3)

    2003 Spy Troops

    Single Pack figures with CD Rom
    Dr. Mindbender
    Wild Bill

    WAVE 8
    Sgt. Airborne w/out rifle x 10
    Heavy Duty x 9 (no machine gun)

    WAVE 7 & 7.5
    Cobra Commander (Black & Red O-ring version): Complete
    Destro: w/ both revolvers
    Lady Jaye: Complete x 6
    Big Brawler: w/pistol
    Grunt: w/red spy troops gear only
    Kamakura: w/sword, knife

    WAVE 5 & 6
    Crosshairs: Complete
    Flint re-paint: no bp x 2
    Beachhead: w/rifle, grenade pistol x 3
    Roadblock: Incomplete x
    Roadblock (short neck) Complete
    Recondo: Complete x 10 $3 ea
    Shipwreck (Cobra Mountain pack-in)

    2002 G.I.Joe vs. Cobra
    Skull Busters: Complete x 9

    Cobra Commander: Complete w/O-ring
    Duke: Complete (non O-ring)
    Duke: Complete (O-ring version)
    Gung Ho
    Frostbite re-paint green: Incomplete
    Shipwreck: Complete x 9 $3 ea
    Shipwreck: Incomplete
    Wet-Suit: fins, spear gun
    Wet-Suit re-paint: fins, spear gun, mask
    Wild Bill: w/hat and M-16 x 8 $3 ea

    2002-2003 RAH re-paints from Joe vs. Cobra
    Big Brawler (Tiger Force) w/black hair: Complete
    Big Ben: w/long rifle and grenade bag x 5 $2 ea
    Big Ben Re-paint: w/long rifle and grenade bag x 3 $2 ea
    Mirage: w/long rifle x 7 $2 ea
    Mirage Re-paint: w/long rifle x 4 $2 ea

    Python Patrol Major Bludd: Complete x 3

    2000/2001 series
    Big Ben C-9.5
    Dusty v 4: w/pistol C-9.5
    Law & Order: complete C-9.5
    Leatherneck (from MCC) C-9.5
    Rock n Roll: w/file card (figure from headquarters) C-9.5
    Shadow Viper: Complete C-9.5
    Snake Eyes v9: w/3 piece chain, Uzi C-9.5

    G.I.Joe Figures (80's-current)
    1982 series Straight arm version
    Snake Eyes: w/Uzi and Accessory set Explosive pack C-9

    1983 series
    Destro: loose head, broken crotch, paint wear on hand missles C-6.5
    Gung Ho: w/bp & white grenade launcher, broken crotch, loose R knee
    Torpedo: w/bp, sliver 2002 speargun, loose legs C-6.5
    Wild Bill: hat has bend in it C-7.5

    1984 series
    Blowtorch: Complete C-9
    Copperhead C-9
    Spirit: w/belt, (tight) C-8
    Ripper: w/bp C-6
    Buzzer: w/bp C-6

    Stormshadow: tight (except for knees which are slightly loose) 85% emblem
    slight sctrach on head above left eye, w/bp, lond sword, nunchucks C-8

    1985 series
    Alpine: with bp only x 2 C-8
    Barbaque: Incomplete, paint wear C-5
    Frostbite: Incomplete, blue emblem rubbed off on R shoulder C-8
    Lady Jay: w/bp C-8
    Quick Kick: Incomplete, paint wear C-5

    1986 series
    Dial Tone: Complete C-7.5
    Dr. Mindbender: w/silver probe (no cape) C-6
    Hawk: w/bp and helmet C-8.5
    Leatherneck: Incomplete, broken crotch C-6
    Lift-Ticket: Incomplete, rub on nose C-8
    Low-Light: w/bp, rifle, UZI, missing bipod C-8.5
    Roadblock: Incomplete C-6
    Sci-Fi: Complete, missing tube (loose R knee) minor paint wear C-7.5
    Wet Suit: w/bp and sled C-7

    1987 series
    Cobra Commander: w/bp, pistol, missing tube C-8.5
    Cobra Commander: Incomplete, minor paint wear C-7.5
    Crazylegs: Incomplete, paint wear C-6
    Crystal Ball: Incomplete C-8
    Fastdraw: w/both white missles, bp (broken tab) C-9
    Ice Viper: Incomplete C-7
    Tunnel Rat: w/bp, bag, R thumb is hanging by a thread C-8.5

    1988 series
    Astro Viper: Complete C-9
    Astro Viper: Complete (except for tubes) C-9
    Blizzard: w/bp, helmet, rifle, skis, 1 shoe, 1 bar missing 1 shoe, pistol, 1 handle bar C-7.5
    Destro (v2 Iron Grenadier): Incomplete, very loose C-4.5
    Stalker (v2): w/paddle C-9
    Storm Shadow: w/bp & bow, slightly dirty (very tight) C-8
    Storm Shadow: w/bp, dirty, tight C-6
    Tiger Force Forstbite: Incomplete C-9
    Tarus: w/gun (dirty head) otherwise in mint condition C-8

    1989 series
    Annihilator: Incomplete, w/purple sub machine gun, one side of blade set up broken C-9
    Darklon: Incomplete, minor paint wear on gold grenades C-8
    Frag Viper: w/gun & bp (broken pegsa on bp) C-9
    Frag Viper: Incomplete C-9
    Night-Viper: w/rifle, bp, goggles C-9
    Night-Viper: w/rifle, bp, goggles C-9
    Night-Viper: one peg on right side of helmet is broken C-8
    Night-Viper (Funskool): Complete C-9
    Rock & Roll: broken leg tabs, w/1 ammo belt, Incomplete C-9
    Snake Eyes: Incomplete C-8
    TARGET: Incomplete C-7.5

    1990 series
    Capt. Grid Iron: broken crotch, w/bp and helmet C-8
    Rock Viper: broken crotch, minor paint wear on hands, w/both GUNS C-7
    Tunnel Rat (Sonic Fighters): w/rifle C-9

    1991 series
    General Hawk (v2/TBC): Incomplete, paint wear on glasses, grenades, tight joints C-6.5
    Psyche-Out: w/sonic backpack & cannon C-9
    Stalker (TBC): Complete C-8
    Stalker (TBC): incomplete C-8

    1992 series
    Bazooka: Incomplete, R hand chewed off, minor hat chew (otherwise in MINT condition) C-7
    Destro (v3): Incomplete, minor paint wear, tight C-7.5
    Firefly (v2): w/Rifle x 2 C-9
    Flak Viper v2: incomplete C-9
    Headman: w/rocket launcher C-8
    Slice: Complete C-8
    Storm shadow (Ninja Force): broken crotch & sickle (w/silver paint on it) C-7.5
    Wild Bill v2: w/hat C-9

    1993 series
    Banzai: Incomplete C-9
    Bushido (Ninja Force) C-9
    Cyber Viper: Incomplete, broken crotch C-7
    Frostbite (v3): Incomplete C-9.5
    H.E.A.T Viper (v2): w/pistol, sub-machine gun (tight joints) slight paint wear on black areas C-8
    H.E.A.T Viper (v2): Incomplete C-8
    Roadblock (Battlecorps) v5: w/pistol &machine gun (dark blue shirt) C-9
    Road Block (Star Brigade): Incomplete C-9
    Rock n Roll (v4/Armor Tech): w/missle launcher, rifle C-9
    Wild Bill v3: incomplete C-9

    Zap: Complete C-9

    Street Fighter/Mortal Combat
    Lu Kang: Incomplete C-8
    Yellow Scorpion: Incomplete C-9
    Sub Zero: Incomplete C-9
    Vega: Incomplete C-9

    Funskool Carded

    G.I.Joe Vehicles
    1982 series
    M.O.B.A.T: missing machine gun which attaches to turret C-9
    RAM: just the bike, no saddle bags C-8

    1983 series
    Dragonfly XH-1: missing 1 sidewinder missles, Gatling Cannon super glued C-8

    1985 series
    Snow Cat: missing roof light lens C-9

    1986 series
    STUN: missing flags, engine covers, rear gun C-7.5
    Swampfire: Complete C-9

    1989 series
    Artic Blast: missing gatling guns, front missles (have pics) C-8

    1994 series
    Scorpion: missing both missles and launching gun C-8

    2000 series
    Desert Striker C-9.5
    Man-O-War C-9.5
    2002 series
    HISS IV: no sound attack gun C-9.5
    Mantis: w/out figure C-9.5
    Air Assault C-9.5
    Missle Storm w/out figure C-9.5

    Vehicle Parts
    V.A.M.P machine gun
    Skystriker: Site-5 Side Winder missle
    Bivouac:Rocket Launcher w/tri-pod
    Bivouac: Tent Support Pole
    Mauler MBT: wheel
    Missile Defense Unit: missle box w/out cover
    Moray Hydrofoil: 2 large side missles
    Tomahawk: L rear stabilizer
    Tomahawk: R rear winglet
    Tomahawk: 4 blades w/broken notches
    Snow Cat: yellow ski missles x 2
    Wolverine: missles x 2

    Extra Weapons HAVES LIST

    Accessory Pack Weapons
    brown helmets x 4
    M-60 machine gun (Rock & Roll)
    M-16 (Grunt)
    Uzi sub-machine gun x 2
    Uzi sub-machine gun (borken tip)
    Destro's pistol (blue)
    Destro's pistol (white)
    Cobra Rifle (blue)
    Cobra Officer Rifle (blue)
    Major Bludd's pistol (blue)
    Doc's helmet green
    Airborne's helmet green
    helmet gray x 2
    Zap's backpack (tan) x 2
    Tripwire's backpack (brown) w/1 mine
    Major Bludd's backpack red
    Spirit's backpack (tan) x 2
    Recondo's backpack (tan)
    Roadblock's backpack (tan) missing piece
    Roadblock's backpack (tan) missing piece, broken peg
    Hawk's helmet brown
    Crimson Guard light blue rifle
    Cobra light blue rifle
    Sub machine gun Grey
    Dr. Mindbender's probe
    Eel x 1 flipper blue
    Snow Serpent x 1 shoe bluie
    Saw Viper Rifle silver
    Battle Armor Cobra Commander's pistol silver
    Zarana's backpack silver
    Night Viper's backpack orange

    #233 Backblast's green missle launcher system
    #233 Backblast's green handles (1 part of 1 C-clip broken)
    #257 Sub Zero's motor
    #261 Salvo's gun w/4 discs
    #261 Salvo's gun w/4 discs
    #264 Rampart's cannon w/strap x 2
    #290 Grunt's gun
    #377 Dr. Mindbender's weapons complete connected to plastic tree
    #377 Dr. Mindbender's pistol x 2, UZI, laser gun x 2, machine gun, weird gun???
    #409 Cobra Eel rifle with scope x 3
    #409 Cobra Eel 2 other types of RED rifles
    #414 Gristle's rifle, machine gun and knife still in plastic tree
    #482 Duke's sub-machine gun
    #506 Blanka's rifle w/scope, XL-14 sub-machine gun

    M-60 machine gun (w/broken tip)
    M-11 Sub machine
    Gung Ho's (1983) Grenade Launcher
    Gung Ho's (1983) Grenade Launcher (broken strap)
    Airborne's (1984) M-16
    Duke (1984) Sub machine gun
    Scrap Iron's (1984) RAR pistol x 2
    Dial Tone (1986) Rifle
    Leatherneck's (1986) M-16
    Annihilator's (1989) black gun (that attached to the backpack) split in O part
    Gnawgahyde's (1989) Rifle
    Bullhorn's (1990) Rifle (small crack in gun)
    Big Ben's (1991) M-60 x 2
    Duke v4 (1993) Heavy Machine Gun
    Red Star (1991) Double barrel hand Cannon
    Backblast v2 (1993) Heavy Rifle
    Bazooka's (1992) M-60
    Mace's (1992) pistol
    Mace's (1992) machine gun
    Duke v4 & Gung-Ho v5 (1993) MP-5 x 3
    Cloudburst (1991) Red MP-5
    Major Bludd v3 (1994) Red XL-14 machine gun
    Bullet Proof (1993) machine gun
    Duke v5 (1993) red Heavy Machine gun
    Metal Head v2 (1994) purple Rifle w/Scope
    Metal Head v2 (1994) purple Pistol
    Colonel Courage (1993) green gun & missle
    Viper v3 Sonic Fighter gold pistol
    Dial Tone (1994) M-60
    Dial Tone (1994) machine gun

    Torpedo (1983) backpack
    Tripwire's (1983) backpack w/ 2 mines
    #40 Roadblock's (1984) backpack: missing small piece
    #40 Roadblock's (1984) backpack: missing small piece, w/tripod (one leg broken)
    #40 Roadblock's (1984) backpack: missing small piece, broken tab
    #55 Ripper's (1984) backpack
    Dusty's (1985) backpack
    Eel (1985) backpack (broken tube)
    Lifeline's (1986) backpack
    Mainframe's (1986) backpack
    Sci-fi's (1986) backpack
    #97 Low-Light's (1986) backpack x 2
    #109 Zandar's (1986) backpack x 2
    #139 Falcon's (1987) backpack, no antenna
    #196 Storm Shadow's (1987) backpack
    Red Dog (1987) backpack
    Night Viper (1989) backpack (broken tips)
    Repeater's (1989) backpack
    Roadblock's (v3/Tiger Force) backpack: complete
    Lightfoot's (1988) backpack
    #202 Voltar's backpack
    #230 backpack w/both pieces and rope (rope is broken)
    #234 Rock n Roll's backpack
    #288 Heavy Duty's backpack (tab broken)
    #297 Red Star's backpack (tab broken)
    Eel v2 backpack shark w/no tail fin
    Cesspool's backback w/hose and rifle
    #316 Clean Sweep's backpack

    Helmets & Headgear
    #250 Long Range's helmet
    #291 Sci-Fi's v2 (1991) helmet
    Lightfoot's helmet
    Hawk's v2 (1986) helmet x 2
    Wet Suit v4 (1993) helmet

    Edged & Blunt Weapons
    Roadpig's (1988) cinderblock hammer
    Roadpig's (1988) cinderblock hammer (bottom of handle missing)

    #422 Scarlett's nunchucks
    #510 Dhalsim's Bow
    #514 Sagat's Claws

    Misc. Accessories
    #92 Lifeline's medical case (paint wear)
    #203 Hydro-Viper 1 flipper
    #233 Backblast's orange bandolier x 2
    #278 Undertow's flippers
    Mutt's (1984) facemask
    Junkyard (dog)
    Lightfoot's orange base (robot)
    Scoop's Camera
    Blizzard's (1988) snow shoes (pair)
    Dr. Mindbender's (1986) Probe
    Dr. Mindbender's (1986) (Power Generator)

    Missle Launchers
    #363 Iceberg's Rocket Launcher
    Backblast's v2 (1993) missle launcher
    Sci Fi's v2 (1991) Yellow missle
    Cutter's v2 (1992) missle launcher
    Headhunter Stormtrooper's (1993) missle launcher w/missle
    Headhunter (1992) missle launcher w/missle x 2
    TARGET's v2 (1993) missle launcher
    Dr. Mindbender's v2 (1993) missle launcher
    Alley Viper v2 (1993) missle launcher w/missle
    Dial Tone (1994) rocket launcher w/rocket

    2000 thru 2003 Weapons & Accessories
    Alley Viper graphite pistol x 19
    Alley Viper black pistol x 1
    M-60 graphite
    Viper graphite bp x 23
    CLAWS bazooka x 15
    Sub-machine gun Silver (2000 thru 2003) x 24
    Neo Viper Laser rifle
    Baroness v 3 (2002) pistol
    Cobra Commander v9 (2000) Laser gun
    Cobra Commander's (2002) pistol x 2
    Cobra Commander's (2002) Uzi x 2
    General Tommahawk's (2000) Sub machine gun x 2
    Stalker's Tiger Force Guns (both)
    Dusty's (2002) backpack (tan)
    Dusty's (2002) backpack (green)
    Dart's (2002) backapck x 4
    Zaran's (2003) Uzi silver x 2

    SA weapons
    Beachead's v4 SA Infantry Rifle (2002) x 2
    Roadblock's v8 SA SAW Heavy Rifle Silver x 2
    SA SAW Heavy Rifle Dark Grey/Black
    Fast Blast Viper v2 (2002) Attack Rifle x 2
    Flint v7 (2002) Machine Gun
    Firefly v6 (2002)
    Firefly v7 (2002) Silver x 6
    Uzi (Grey) x 4
    Uzi (Silver ) x 3
    Uzi (Black) x 3
    Wild Bill's M-16 w/grenade launcher (Grey) x 3
    M-16 w/grenade launcher Silver x 3
    Shipwrecks Rifle x 3
    Neo Commanders Laser Rifle Black x 12
    Laser Rifle Brown x 12
    Laser Rifle Silver
    Neo Viper Pistol x 31
    Sgt. Stalker Heavy Machine Gun w/Scope
    Chainsaw Black x 2
    Recondo's Shotgun x 4
    Shotgun Black
    Dart's Shotgun x 2
    Black Shotgun
    Snake eyes Rifle x 2

    SA Weapons with Tabs removed
    Uzi black x 3
    M-16 Grey x 2
    Neo viper Pistol
    Dart's Shotgun
    Shipwreck's Rifle
    Chainsaw Black
    Sgt. Stalker's Heavy Rifle
    Beachhead v4 (Viper rifle) x 2
    Sanke eyes Rifle x 2

    BBI weapons $14 for all
    Pistol x 22
    Sniper Rifle x 8
    Grenade Pistol x 11
    Shotgun w/wood stock x 4
    Desert Shotgun x 4

    1983 Catalog

    Bowen Design Statues & Mini-busts
    1960's Spider-man (on building)

    Mr. Fixit (limited edition) mini-bust
    Wolverine: Weapon X mini-bust
    U.S. Agent mini-bust

    Diamond Select mini-busts
    Ulitmate Storm (Varient) w/Gold gloves #175/500
    Ultimate Spider-man
    Ultimate Green Goblin
    Electro Rogue's Gallery
    Scorpion Rogue's Gallery
    Sandman Rogue's Gallery
    Green Goblin Rogue's Gallery
    Venom Rogue's Gallery
    Carnage Rogue's Gallery
    Dr. Doom #212/5000

    Transformers mini-busts All 4 for $120 SHIPPED

    Dynamic Forces
    Battle Armor Thor (John's Toys Exclusive w/beard)

    Applause Statuettes
    Sandtrooper on Dewback
    Bounty Hunters
    Han Solo in Carbonite

    Greedo Bust

    Lara Croft Tomb Raider Statue (about 15 inches tall) in original game outfit

    Marvel Kubricks series 2 for $38 shipped
    Prof X
    Omega Red

    Star Wars Kubricks
    Sandtrooper (Orange Pad)

    Marvel Legends
    Unmasked Wolverine
    Red Skull
    Dr. Doom Doombot

    X-men, Spiderman & Hulk Classics
    Absorbing man

    Masters of the Universe

    Evil Lynn
    Chase Whiplash

    Buzz Off
    Chase Buzz Off
    Sky Strike Stratos

    Snake Teela

    He-man, Mekaneck, Man at Arms, Stratos (PVC's) "loose"
    Skeletor, Beast man, Mer man, Trap Jaw & Tri Klops (PVC's) "loose"

    Godzilla 1998 6" Scale Vinyl figures $50 for set
    Space Godzilla


    Battle Athletes Victory Vol 1 thru 4 $38 shipped media mail

    Teacher's Pet (Hentai) $16 shipped media mail

    Robotech New Generations Vol 11 & 12 $16 both shipped media mail

    Van Helsing The London Assignment $7 shipped media mail

    Conan The Barbarian CE $10 shipped media mail

    VHS all $5 each

    Beneath the Planet of the Apes

    Escape from the Planet of the Apes

    Battle for the Planet of the Apes

    Conquest of the Planet of the Apes

    Gamera 1965

    Godzilla King of the Monsters (still sealed)

    Godzilla Raids Again 1955

    Godzilla vs Mothra 1964 (still sealed)

    Godzilla vs The Sea Monster 1967

    Son of Godzilla 1969

    Godzilla's Revenge

    Ghidrah The Three Headed Monster 1965

    Godzilla vs Megalon

    King Kong vs Godzilla

    Godzilla vs Monster Zero

    Godzilla vs Gigan

    Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla

    Terror of MechaGodzilla

    Godzilla 1985

    Godzilla vs Biollante

    Godzilla vs King Ghidora

    Tomb Raider
    Lara Croft Tomb Raider Statue (about 15 inches tall) in original game outfit
    Lara Croft plastic statue (in game outfit) Playmates

    DC Direct "loose"
    Black Adam

    DC figures "loose"
    Superboy (from Superman line based on the Comic mid 90's)
    Superman in Black Outfit (from Superman line based on the Comic mid 90's)
    Bane (Movie version)

    Batman 6" (TRU exclusive, now found in KB 2-pack)

    Batman from "new" Mattel Nightwing 2-pack

    DC Animated figures "loose"
    12" Nightwing

    Superman deluxe (with Blue armor flight gear)
    Batman (from Two Face 2-pack, Mattel)

    Marvel Superheros "loose"
    (most of these figures DO NOT have accessories, please ask)

    Fantastic Four animated
    series 1 The Thing
    series 3 Annihilus
    series 4 Wizard

    Silver Surfer Blasters
    Drax the Destroyer
    Silver Surfer

    Iron Man animated
    series 1 Blacklash
    series 1 Spider Woman
    series 2 Blizzard

    Marvel Super Heroes: Deathlok

    Avengers Boxed set: Hulk

    Symbiote from Venom line (light green creature)

    Marvel vs. Capcom: Spider man vs. Strider

    Elektra (not sure which line she's from)

    X-men figures ($30 for complete set of X-men figures)
    Wolverine "classic light-up"
    Nightcrawler "classic light-up"
    Gambit "classic light-up"
    Psylocke "Ninja Force"
    Wolverine "Ninja Force"
    Sabertooth "Ninja Force"
    Wolverine "Secret Weapon Force line"
    Sabretooth: ripped shirt
    X-men Evolotion Wolverine karate outfit

    X-men Movie figures ($10 for complete set)
    Sabretooth: snow outfit
    Wolverine w/cycle
    Wolverine from evolotion 2-pack

    McFarlane Toys "loose"
    Monster Playsets (diaramas)
    Phantom of the Opera

    Movie Maniacs (no movie posters): $38 for the set
    Pumpkin Head
    Ghost Face
    Evil Ash
    King Kong: (base is broken but useable)

    Spawn ($34 for sets series 6 thru 14)
    Series 6
    The Freak

    Series 8
    Gate Keeper

    Series 11
    Ogre re-paint

    Series 12

    Series 14: Dark Ages Spawn 2
    Viper King: blue version

    Moore Creation figures "loose"
    Ion Nottingham
    Evil Erine

    Eternal Toys
    Lady Death

    Applause Statuettes
    Sandtrooper on Dewback
    Bounty Hunters
    Han Solo in Carbonite

    Greedo Bust

    Clone Wars
    Clone Trooper 3-pack (yellow)

    Saga Deluxe
    Ewoks x 2

    Saga Figures
    Lt. Dannl Faytonni (openner)
    Wat Tambor (openner)

    Saga Vehicles
    Republic Gunship

    Ep II Sneak Preview Figure
    Jango Fett

    Ep I Figures
    Battle Damaged Destroyer Droids x 4
    Captain Tarpals (w/Warning Sticker) .0000
    Darth Maul (Jedi Duel) .00 Silver CT
    Darth Maul (Sith Lord)
    Qui-Gon-Jinn (Jedi Masters)

    Ep I Sneak Preview Figures

    Battle Droid Secruity

    POTF2 CT Figures
    Stormtrooper (White CT) .0000

    Flashback Photos
    Hoth Chewbacca (Arrow both on sides)

    Freeze Frame Action Slides
    Ishi Tib
    Luke Skywalker in Bespin Gear "Sealt-Marie" .00

    Green Cards without Holograms
    Han Solo in Endor Gear (Brown Pants) Col 1
    R5-D4 w/Straight Latch/Warning Sticker .01 Col 2

    Green Cards with Holograms
    Boba Fett .02 Col 1
    Death Star Gunner .01 Col 1
    R5-D4 (hooked latch)
    Sandtrooper .02 Col 3
    Weequay .01 Col 3

    Shadows of the Empire
    Princess Leia in Boushh Disguise

    Red Cards
    Boba Fett .01
    Greedo .00
    Luke Skywalker (long saber)
    Stormtrooper .00
    Stormtrooper with Hologram .00
    Tatoonie Stormtrooper (Sandtrooper) .00
    Tie Pilot .02

    POTF2 12" Figures Boxed
    Luke/Han as Stormtroopers (KB)
    Luke Hoth & Wampa (Target)

    POTF2 12" Figures Loose
    AT-ST Driver (Saga)
    Jedi Luke (Saga)
    Sandtrooper w/Dewback x 2
    Sandtrooper (Orange Pad)
    Sandtrooper (White Pad)
    Ponda Baba
    Barquin D'an
    Grand Moff Tarkin
    Luke Skywalker (100th) no X-wing outfit
    Ben Kenobi w/Blastshield Helmet
    Han Stormtrooper (POTJ)
    Luke Stormtrooper w/Dia
    Hoth Luke

    Ep I:
    Capt. Tarpals w/Kaadu
    Mace Windu
    Obi Wan Kenobi
    Chancellor Valorum
    Senate Guard
    Pit Droids

    Ep II:
    Yoda (Jedi Council)
    Plo Koon (Jedi Council)
    Ki-Adi-Mundi (Jedi Council)
    Mace Windu (Jedi Council)
    Clone Trooper
    Geonosian Warrior
    Anakin Skywalker (Slashing Action) removeable arm

    Applause 10" Vinyl Figures
    Prince Xizor

    Saga Loose
    Battle Droids x 6
    Boba Fett from TRU 4-pack
    Yoda w/Force powers (Deluxe) w/base (no SBD)
    C-3PO (Deluxe) w/Droid Factory Assembly line (no battle droid)

    Vehicles Loose
    Slave I (POTF)
    Viuntage Dewback (neck harness broken) C-8

    Comic Books (Soft Covers)
    Boba Fett: Death, Lies, and Treachery
    Dark Empire
    Empires End

    Comic Books
    Star Wars: Empire # 1-6
    Star Wars Ep I Wizard 1/2
    Star Wars Ep I all Photo Covers # 1-4
    Star Wars Ep I Qui-Gon photo cover
    Star Wars Ep I Anakin
    Star Wars Ep I Anakin Photo Cover
    (signed by Steve Cresspo w/certifi)
    Star Wars Ep I Obi Wan
    Star Wars Ep I Obi Wan Photo Cover
    (signed by Shunn w/certifi)
    Star Wars Tales: # 5, 11, 13
    Qui-Gon/Obi Wan: Aurorient Express # 1-2

    Ep I Official Souvenir Magazine

    Soft Cover Novels ($15 for the Set)
    Truce at Bakura
    Courtship of Princess Leia
    Children of the Jedi
    Jedi Search
    Dark Apprentice

    Complete Set of Ep I Widescreen Cards (acrylic case)
    Plus 20 bonus cards (including Falcon Holo Card)

    C-3PO Book that came with 12" figure

    Dark Horse Comics

    Overkill (Witchblade, Aliens, Predator, Darkness) 1 & 2
    Mindhunter (Witchblade, Aliens, Predator, Darkness) 1-3

    The Tenth: Black Embrace DF/Another Universe # 1
    The Tenth: Resurrected # 1-4

    Robin 80 page giant # 1
    Robin: A Hero Reborn softcover

    Adventures of Superman: # 613-618

    Superman: Man of Steel: # 97, 99,100,103,107,108,110,

    Superman: Day of Doom: #1-4

    Batman: Legends of the Dark Kight: # 127-131, 137-141
    Batman: Outlaws: # 1-3
    Batman/Nightwing: Bloodborne
    Batman Gotham Knights # 1
    Batman: Family issues 1-8

    Harley & Ivy Prestige Format
    Azaral # 91
    Harley Quinn # 1 & 2,
    Harley Quinn: Our Worlds at War
    Birds of Prey: Manhunt # 1, 3, 4

    JSA # 27
    Hawkman # 2
    Aquaman 2003 series 1-9
    Flash # 160-162
    Geen Arrow # 17
    Titans # 10, 26-33, 35-50

    DC First: Batgirl/Joker
    DC First: Superman/Lobo
    DC First: Superman/Flash
    DC First: Green Lantern

    Out There # 1-12, 14

    Resident Evil: Fire & Ice

    TMNT Dreamwave comic: issues 1 thru 7

    Image Comics

    Spawn: # 1-30

    Darkness: Vol 1: 8,11 (11 have 2 covers) 12-40
    Darkness: Vol 2: 1-4
    Darkness: Wanted Dead
    Darkness/Witchblade # 1

    Fathom 1/2, 0, 1-11, 12 (2 different covers) #1 also 2 different covers

    Magdalena/Angelus: Wizard 1/2
    Magdalena # 1 (new series)
    Magdalena/Vampirella # 1 (both covers)

    Witchblade: 18-21, 23-67 (2 covers on issue 67)

    Witchblade: Wizard # 1/2 and # 500
    Witchblade: Encore Edition (American Entertainment Exclusive
    Witchblade/ Tomb Raider: Wizard # 1/2
    Witchblade/ Tomb Raider: Wizard # 1/2 (July)
    Witchblade/ Tomb Raider: Revisited # 1
    Witchblade/ Tomb Raider: # 1
    Witchblade/Darkness # 1
    Witchblade: Destiny's Child 1-3

    Wolverine/Witchblade: Devils Reign chapter 5
    Witchblade/Elektra: Devil's Reign chapter 6

    Tomb Raider: Wizard # 1/2
    Tomb Raider: Journeys # 1, 2, 7
    Tomb Raider: Preview Edition
    Tomb Raider: 0, 1/2, 1-19, 21-32 $46 set

    Vampirella/Witchblade # 1
    EVO #1
    Aphrodite X # 4
    Inferno: Hellbound # 2,3

    Chaos Comics

    The Haunted # 1-4
    The Haunted series 2 # 1

    Bad Kitty # 2, 3
    Bad Kitty: Re-Loaded # 1-4

    Evil Errnie Returns # 1
    The Undead # 1
    United # 1 (Lady Death, Bad Kitty)

    Chastity # 1-3
    Chastity: Heartbreaker # 1
    Chastity: Crazytown # 1-3

    Jade # 1-4
    Jade: Redemption # 1-4

    Mischief Night: Bad Kitty
    Mischief Night: Purgatori
    Mischief Night: Lady Death

    Purgatori: The Hunted # 1-2
    Purgatori: Darkest Hour # 1-2
    Purgatori: God Hunter # 1-2
    Purgatori: God Killer # 1-2
    Purgatori: Heartbreaker

    Lady Death: Last Rites # 1-4
    Lady Death: Heartbreaker
    Lady Death: The Gauntlet # 1-2
    Lady Death: Goddess Returns # 1-2
    Lady Death: Dark Alliance # 1-3

    Lady Death & Bedlam # 1
    Lady Death & Bad Kitty # 1
    Lady Death & Chastity # 1
    Lady Death & Jade # 1

    Marvel Comics

    G.I.Joe # 1 (image) 2nd printing
    G.I.Joe Order of Battle # 1-2, 4

    Alias # 1-17

    Avengers Forever 1-5
    Avengers Annual 2001

    Incredible Hulk 2000 & 2001

    Invincible Iron Man # 331, 332
    Invincible Iron Man # 1-4 (#1 Heroes Reborn)
    Invincible Iron Man: cont 5-11, 14-16, 30-55
    "changes title to " Iron Man #56-62
    annual 2000, 2001

    Masters of Kung Fu (MAX) #1-3, 5

    X-men movie prequel Wolverine
    X-men 2: Prequel Wolverine
    X-Factor "new" limited series # 1-3

    X-treme X-men 11 thru 30, annual 2001
    X-treme X-men: Savage Land 1-4
    X-Treme X-men X-pose 1 and 2

    Uncanny X-men 163, 168

    X-men: Brood Day of Wraith 1 & 2 of 2
    X-men: Magneto War # 1
    X-men: Magneto Dark Seduction 1-4
    X-men: Search for Cyclops 1-4
    X-men: Declassified
    X-men Unlimited # 28

    Sabretooth limited series # 1
    Cable #1 (regular series)
    Venom vs. Wolverine: Tooth & Claw #1

    Blade ½
    Ghost Rider ½
    Ghost Rider Marvel Knights 1-6
    Marvel Knights Vol 1 Varient Cover # 1
    Marvel Knights Preview

    Double Shots Marvel Knights # 1-4
    Captain America: Dead Man Running # 1-3
    Fury # 6
    Human Torch # 3

    Amazing Spiderman 103 & 104
    Amazing Spiderman 200

    Spider-man Tangled Web # 14
    Spider-man Quality of Life # 1-4
    Spider-man: Marrow (1 shot)
    Spider-man: Mysterio Madifesto # 1-3
    Spider-man: Revenge of the Green Goblin # 1-3

    Cypress Hill: Skull & Bones
    Candlebox: Lucy
    Dream Theater: Images & Words
    Dream Theater: Awake
    End of Days: Soundtrack
    Fishbone: Give a Monkey a Brain
    Flotsam & Jetsam: Cuatro
    Godflesh: Selfless
    Iron Maiden: Live After Death
    King Diamond: The eye
    Mercyful Fate: In the Shadows
    Ozzy Osbourne: No More tears
    Ozzy Osbourne: Ozzmosis
    Prong Cleansing
    Scorpions: Crazy World
    Scorpions: Face the Heat
    Slayer: Divine Intervention

    Anthraz: I Am the Law (Judge Dread Cover)
    Soundgarden: Badmotorfinger
    Testament: Practice what you Preach, Ritual, Legacy, Souls of Black & New Order $3 ea
    Sanctuary: Refuge Denied
    Death: Human, Leprosy, Spirital Healing $3 ea
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