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    I like the current 3 3/4" version. I also appreciate DD's version of him in the book. I think I would have mixed emotions if Cobra did a Robo-Cop on me.

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    All I'm saying is that now the "original" version of Overkill does not (and never will) exist in the G.I. Joe comics universe. Silly or not, I now have an action figure that "doesn't exist"! Oh, the inhumanity!!! Why, God? Why? Have You no mercy??? "Oh, Overkill, Overkill, wherefore art thou "Overkill"? - "Juliet" B.A.T. v. 3.2 (high on battery acid)

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    "Deny Devil's Due, refuse thy name"???
    She said,
    "Don't you miss the mornings?
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    'Cause I'm fading away."
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    I like how smooth the transition from Overkill the human to Overkill the cyborg went. They didn't just toss the character in there but showed how he was and how it was all happening.


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